Tips and Tricks

This page is a collections of all the tips and tricks to make any cannabis users life easier that have been posted on FibroMan.

  1. How to quickly grind up your cannabis. 
  2. Why use a screen.
  3. How to infuse cannabis for cooking.
  4. How and why to decarb you cannabis
  5. Medical Cannabis Travel Bag
  6. Emergency Strawberry Pipe
  7. Improve your bud pictures
  8. Easy way to press kief to hash
  9. What is kief and what to do with it.
  10. Oh Snap! I snapped a branch.
  11. Growing Technique FIMing

Do you have any other tricks that you have learned over the years? Don’t hoard this information; share it with me and I will try it out and re-post it on here that way more people can learn from our combined experience.

And as always,

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


6 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks

  1. Hi, I need to find a suplier of ethanol, it must be food grade as it’s to make cannabis medicinal oil for a very ill person, I need 25 Litres, thank you Suzi


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