USA spends $3 Million to Cure Cannabis Addiction?

costeffective-3I read something this weekend that disturbed me. While there have been lots of attention with the new laws regarding marriage and there has been lots of stuff about the rebel flag. However that is not what I want to talk about.

With 23 states with medical cannabis laws and with a meridian of studies showing that cannabis has medical value. Why is it that the Federal Government has decided that the reason behind the cannabis movement is because they think the people are all addicted to cannabis and because of this they want to spend $3 million dollars to find a cure.

There is an emergency call for cannabis addiction treatment is an attempt to get a remedy approved by the Food and Drug Administration. NIDA pointed out that while “there are medications approved by the (FDA) for the treatment of nicotine and opiate dependence, there are no FDA approved medications for Cannabis use disorders.”

It is funny though because according to NIDA the addiction rate for cannabis is around 9%.  One of the lowest addiction rates and it is safe to use without the risk of overdose. Unlike many of the common drugs used today…Such as caffeine that has a slightly higher addiction rate than cannabis and caffeine kills up to 10,000 people per year. Don’t get me wrong I like my coffee and tea’s but it is possible to over dose on them and you can not on cannabis. Cannabis has had zero over does in the history of the world. Legal pharmaceutical drugs kill up to 27,000 people per year and that does not even count all the side effects of legal drugs. How many commercials do you hear have you taken XYZ Drug have you had all these horrible symptoms call this lawyer to sue? It seems pharmaceuticals are getting worse every year.

So why is it that we the tax payers are spending $3 million dollars to try and cure the public of cannabis addiction that is not there. That $3 million dollars could be spent on domestic research on cannabis on how it can help people. Cannabis is the cure or best treatment for so many medical issues that we don’t need to cure cannabis use but let more people that need a good medication use it.

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”