Hospitals with Reefer Madness

h2There is something very wrong with the main stream medical perception on cannabis in some regions of our country. Sometimes this is in direct opposition to the current successful establishment of medical and/or adult use cannabis laws. What I am talking about is something that can effect almost anyone and that is the need for an organ transplant. My state of Maine has both a medical marijuana program and adult use laws. As one of my previous article on Garry Godfrey illustrated is if you need an organ and are a legal medical patient then you will be denied being allowed on the transplant list.

r.pngThis is not an isolated event. In Utah a man, Riley Hancey age 20 was not a medical patient and had only smoked cannabis with a few friends over Thanksgiving break. Tragically in December he suffered case of pneumonia that turned into a rare lung infection. This infection caused him to need double lung transplant. The hospital ran a drug test and found trace amounts of THC in his system from when he smoked over Thanksgiving and this disqualified him from getting any organ transplant at the University Hospital of Utah it was, “according to its policy, does not transplant organs in patients with “active alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drug use or dependencies,” spokeswoman Kathy Wilets said at the time.

Here is the problem. If he would have drank over Thanksgiving the alcohol would not have been detectable by December. For that matter if he would have done any number of the hard drugs they also would not have been detectable in his system after that long of a period of time had passed. Cannabis has the unique characteristic to stay detectable in a mammals system much longer than other substances because every mammal has an endo-cannabinod system and this systems keeps cannabinoids in you system longer because you body creates natural endo(internal) cannabinoids and ingesting cannabis introduces ecto-cannabinods that work with the endocannabinod system. The endo in edno-cannabinoid means internal and the ecto in ecto-cannabinod means external and these terms are used to differentiate where the cannabinods source is.  Unlike alcohol and other drugs that your body sees as a toxin to be flushed out as soon as possible.

Riley Hancey stayed at Utah hospital until in March he had been accepted to University of Pennsylvania hospital would accept him as a patient and do his transplant and had the procedure done March 29th. Unfortunately Riley had complications from the surgery and passed away on April 22, 2017. Maybe, just maybe if he had not been required to stay 68 days in Utah in intensive care because they would not do his life saving procedure then maybe Riley would have had a better chance to survive his surgery.r3.png

Policy at the hospitals regardless of what state they reside in should not have policies that reflect Anslinger’s Reeffer Madness. You life should not be in danger because you used cannabis. The plant is not a toxic substance. Yet, hospitals can treat you like a metaphorical leper that can be shunned without guilt because you used cannabis. How is this okay? Why is this acceptable? One thing is clear this needs to change.

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MMJ Patient Taken Off Organ Transplant-list because of Medical Cannabis


I was shocked the other day. On my local news a medical cannabis patient in the state of Maine was being denied a kidney because he was a cannabis patient. Then shortly after that I saw on Facebook an Attn: Video about Garry Godfrey the same cannabis patient. I shared his story on social media immediately; I did not even realize this was a potential issue for the cannabis patient in the state of Maine.

Gary had been on Maine’s transplant list for a kidney since 2003 and in 2010 the hospital changed it’s policy on cannabis. Maine legalized medical cannabis in 1999 and 11 years later, they suddenly change their policy?

Garry was faced with an impossible choice. Stop using medical cannabis. Then wait a year before being let on the bottom list again and wait. OR Continue to use medical cannabis and be taken off the list and fight to change the law. He chose the latter. Why? Pharmaceuticals had not been able to treat his condition adequately. Cannabis let him be a father to his children; when pharmaceuticals had not been up to the job. What would you choose? In his own words, “I should have never had to choose between a life saving organ transplant and a life saving medicine.”

WMTW (My local news station) Had attempted to get a comment out of Maine Medical Center but the spokesmen for the hospital would not commit on this case. According to Maine Medical Centers their drug policy, “Our Drug Use policy currently prohibits transplant candidates from using marijuana, due to the risk of an invasive fungal infection known as Aspergillosis.” But what is the real risk of Aspergilloisis in cannabis? Maine being a legal medical and adult use state has cannabis testing labs. Why not have patient test their cannabis? What about extractions of cannabis oil (RSO) and Dabs? That process should kill any molds and as stated before the Maine cannabis labs can test for molds. I was curious to how common this mold would be found on cannabis and emailed one of the labs and waiting to hear back still.

I had also become curious to what else Aspergillosis might be found in. According to Steep Hill Media report on mycotoxins, “routine laboratory testing for Aspergillus and Ochratoxin is done on coffee beans, red wine, cereals and dried fruits because of these concerns, [and] Another commonly-appearing Aspergillus strain is a mycotoxin called Aflatoxin, which is among the most carcinogenic chemicals known. Aflatoxin has been found in the breast milk of mammals eating contaminated feed, peanut butter, cooking oils such as olive oil, and in patients using contaminated cosmetics. Liquid chromatography (LC) testing has shown at least faint traces of Aflatoxin in at least 50% of food samples tested.”

17554359_1269021163212829_755973993754232425_n.jpgI reached out and asked Garry if these things that are tested for aspergillosis and could pose a simular risk of exposers to aspergillosis are on the restricted list or might disqualify a potential organ recipient. None of them were. Cannabis saw being singled out as a perceived Gary had been on Maine’s transplant list for a kidney since 2003 and in 2010 the hospital changed it’s policy on cannabis. Maine legalized medical cannabis in 1999 and 11 years latter, they suddenly change their policy?

Garry was faced with an impossible choice. Stop using medical cannabis. Then wait a year to get on the bottom list again and wait an unknown amount of time hoping for a kidney. OR Continue to use medical cannabis and be taken off the list and fight to change the law. He choose the latter. Why? Pharmaceuticals had not been able to treat his condition adequately. Cannabis let him be a father to his children; when pharmaceuticals had not been up to the job. What would you choose? I know what I would do. Yet, lab test could clear cannabis medication of any potential risk before using cannabis medicine if pending an organ transplant. Not only that, but 12 other states current already protect medical cannabis patients from being unduly discriminated against as organ transplant recipients based solely on cannabis use.

Garry just testified in Augusta Maine’s capitol on a LD 764 a bill that would give Maine patients those same protections if passed. The workshop vote will be on Thursday April 6, 2017.

However, while it is going to be good news for any new organ transplant patient to not have to go through what Garry had gone through at least in the state of Maine. For Garry he will need to go back on the bottom of the list that he had already been on for 7 years. His spot on that list is now forever lost. Gary has page on Facebook for those looking to learn more about him or inquire on how to help.

If you are in a medical cannabis state and you don’t know if you can be discriminated against to recite an organ transplant. Find out and contact you Representatives if you don’t want discriminatory practices in your area.  No one should be denied an organ because of cannabis!

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USA spends $3 Million to Cure Cannabis Addiction?

costeffective-3I read something this weekend that disturbed me. While there have been lots of attention with the new laws regarding marriage and there has been lots of stuff about the rebel flag. However that is not what I want to talk about.

With 23 states with medical cannabis laws and with a meridian of studies showing that cannabis has medical value. Why is it that the Federal Government has decided that the reason behind the cannabis movement is because they think the people are all addicted to cannabis and because of this they want to spend $3 million dollars to find a cure.

There is an emergency call for cannabis addiction treatment is an attempt to get a remedy approved by the Food and Drug Administration. NIDA pointed out that while “there are medications approved by the (FDA) for the treatment of nicotine and opiate dependence, there are no FDA approved medications for Cannabis use disorders.”

It is funny though because according to NIDA the addiction rate for cannabis is around 9%.  One of the lowest addiction rates and it is safe to use without the risk of overdose. Unlike many of the common drugs used today…Such as caffeine that has a slightly higher addiction rate than cannabis and caffeine kills up to 10,000 people per year. Don’t get me wrong I like my coffee and tea’s but it is possible to over dose on them and you can not on cannabis. Cannabis has had zero over does in the history of the world. Legal pharmaceutical drugs kill up to 27,000 people per year and that does not even count all the side effects of legal drugs. How many commercials do you hear have you taken XYZ Drug have you had all these horrible symptoms call this lawyer to sue? It seems pharmaceuticals are getting worse every year.

So why is it that we the tax payers are spending $3 million dollars to try and cure the public of cannabis addiction that is not there. That $3 million dollars could be spent on domestic research on cannabis on how it can help people. Cannabis is the cure or best treatment for so many medical issues that we don’t need to cure cannabis use but let more people that need a good medication use it.

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Cannabis History: Why is it Illegal?

10665225_743999938986397_3256407236390771751_nAs of today there are 24 states with medical cannabis laws. Nine with current pending legislation and 2 states with legal recreational cannabis. Washington DC also legalized recreational cannabis but Congress has been preventing DC from going forward with their voter approved recreational program. It is people like Andy Harris, (Republican representative of Maryland) has vowed to put a stop to the progression of the bill in Congress. We all know that even with so much information out there right now about how cannabis can benefit people and how it can be used as a valuable medicine, but still it remains illegal. The government must have a good reason that they made the plant illegal in the first place and this may shed some light on why it is still not allowed to be legal on a federal level.

So why and how did the United States make cannabis illegal? First we need to know when did cannabis become illegal? And who the main players were involved in the push to have a total prohibition of the cannabis plant.

Let me start with the Who: Henry J Anslinger was a former Alcohol prohibition agent. This man is the one who spear headed the laws that made cannabis illegal and he would eventually become the Untied States first drug Czar.

So why and how is it that Henry Anslinger was able to make cannabis illegal? A plant that has had thousands of years of benefit to man kind. What made our government decide to turn its back and in effect made the general public turn its back on cannabis as well. At this time cannabis was used in many different medications for hundreds of different aliments and was list in the US Pharmacopeia. It is hard to decide what is more important to teach everyone about: the how? or, the Why? But I think I should start with the How.

Henry Anslinger introduces the Congress of a new threat to America. Enter, Marijuana the evil Mexican devil weed. Even though he did not coin the word Marijuana he used it because most Americans did not know what Marijuana or weed was. By simply re-naming the plant he was able to convince Congress of the dangers of this weed named Marijuana and in 1937 gets the marijuana stamp act passed.  This is the how but Why?

What was so wrong with cannabis that Henry Anslinger would want to make it illegal? Lets ask him for our selves and hear what he has had to say on this topic.

  • “…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”
  • “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”
  • “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others.”

As you can see he was a very racist man. We are all humans right? But racism was not his only tool he used. He also used misinformation to mislead the general public.

  • “Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.”
  • “Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing”
  • “You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother.”

He even contradicted himself, what is it do you become a pacifist? or go insane and kill your brother? So it becomes very clear that he is not aware of any truths about cannabis. And it seems to be that his motivation is a pure evil racist one. However there does seem to be more to the story about, Why, make cannabis illegal. Henry Anslinger was also supported by the pharmaceutical companies who wanted people to buy their medicines and not grow their own. Dupont chemical company just patented nylon a synthetic petroleum based fabric and hemp was going to be major competition and wanted hemp removed from competition. It just happens that Dupont nephew was Henry Anslinger. Makes you think, huh?

Now we know who, when, why and how. I have one other thing for you to think about. By renaming cannabis to marijuana he was able to trick everyone. However it is also the term Marijuana that has the most negative stigma still relating to it. Start calling it Cannabis again and shed the negative stigma and remember to:

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”