Cannabis Parties–A trend of the future…

Now that cannabis use is becoming more normalized and legal in various parts of the country and world. That I want to talk about something fun and exciting—Cannabis Parties.

What is a cannabis party? A cannabis party is party that is focused around cannabis usage and not alcohol. Make sure to tell people that these are children free events.

In Maine, we legalized adult use of cannabis and we have also had medicinal cannabis laws since 1999. So having a party with a bunch of people was completely legal. Know you local laws before hosting your own cannabis party. I have now had two amazing cannabis parties this year.

Cannabis parties can be for fun for everyone. For people with little experience with cannabis to long standing cannabis users and medical patients. It is a place to meet people and exchange stories, process, grow techniques, recipes, and of course get to try new cannabis strains, edibles and ect. The cannabis shop talk that happens when you bring cannabis growers, extractors and patients together can be an amazing learning experience and networking opportunity. The cannabis shop talk is my favorite part—I am in my element and it is invigorating.

As a host of a cannabis party it is good to make a verity of stuff. I had couple of strains of cannabis I grew and had people sample and tell me what they thought. I also asked my guest to bring and cannabis buds, dabs, or edible they wanted to share as well and most people did that were constant cannabis users. (Don’t expect occasional or light users to bring any as they don’t usually have much anyway)

I made a verity of edibles for people to try, as I love cooking and cannabis, so I tend to experiment with various foods. For my cannabis parties I had made infused cheese cake, lemonade, ice tea, cookies, and candies.Putting all infused foods on one table and letting people know what is and is not infused.

It is equally important to have non infused foods available as well. This is why I did a BBQ as well with a main course and several sides such as chips, pasta salads, veggie trays and more. Some people get the munchies from cannabis and don’t want them over indulging on cannabis edibles to satisfy their hunger. Have lots of water! People are likely to get dry mouth and want to quench their thirst. Both times I held these events more water was drank than soda. I had a large beach cool full of bottle water in ice. As the focus was cannabis not alcohol, I did not provide any and only a couple people had brought any and they only drank a small amount.

I also found that it is very helpful to have other things going on as well. I had card games going apples to apple and cards against humanity has everyone rolling in laughter. I eventually moved the party outside to a fire pit. This allows those that need time to cool down after consuming cannabis; possibly a larger dose than they are use to. If you are hosting a cannabis party, a cool down time needs to be part of your plan. You can’t feed people edibles, smoke and dab; then expect people to leave in a short period of time.

With cannabis being the center of the party verses when alcohol is the center of the party it makes for a more enjoyable atmosphere. Angry drunk fights just don’t happen. People are relaxed and in an enjoyable mood. This is why we must work to normalize cannabis use. It is a way better option than alcohol and safer at that.

I have really enjoyed having these parties and plan on hosting more of them in the future.

Have you ever had a cannabis centered party?

Have you been to a cannabis party before? Did you like it better or worse than a party with lots of beer?

Answer these questions and Tell me what you think about cannabis parties in the comments below…

And as always,

Spread Cannabis Knowledge!

Cannabis Bath Solution

I recently tried a new topical application of cannabis to help me with my pain and muscle tension caused by my fibromyalgia and it was amazing.

What you need to get to have your own cannabis bath solution.


4 Cups of Water
60 rinsed soapberries aritha (These I could only find on-line)
4 TBS of freshly scrapped aloe. (Found a large leaf at my grocery store and had more than enough.)
The dried peal of an Orange. (After pealing an Orange I left the peals in an empty drawer to dry in a paper bag.)
Sunflower Lecithin.
15 Grams of ground decarboxilated Cannabis Flower (See my article on How and Why to Decarb Cannabis)
2 TBS of Lavender flowers (this I got at a natural food store.)
~2 TBS Olive Oil
1 cup of Course Himalayan Pink Salt


Step one:

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil then add in the soapberry aritha, orange peals, and lavender. Cover and let sit overnight or at least 12 hours.

Step two:

Melt Sunflower lecithin on low heat in a small sauce pan into olive oil. Once fully dissolved put decarbed cannabis into a jar and pour the olive oil with Sunflower lecithin melted in over the cannabis. Mix around until fully coated. Add a tiny amount more of olive oil if cannabis is not well coated. Let this sit overnight as well.

Step three:

After you let it sit over night mix the two together. Add in 2tbs of fresh aloe and simmer on low for 45 minute or until about half the water has evaporated. Then let this sit until it only warm to the touch–strain. (Keep leftovers to make second less potent bath solution.)

This solution is perishable and needs to be refrigerated or frozen.

Step Four:

Mix 1 cup of coarse Himalayan Pink Salt with 2tbs of fresh aloe then mix 1 cup of bath solution into salt; add to a bath and enjoy.


This bath will relax your muscles and relieve pain like a topical cannabis, but with this infusion process it also has a slight psychoactive effect and may effect different people differently. The longer you are in the bath the more of an effect you will feel. Plan accordingly and know how this will effect you before trying to do anything else.

I personally loved this application method of using cannabis.


Spread Cannabis Knowledge!

This recipe was originally found in “The Cannabis Spa at Home,” I made a few small changes, but highly recommend getting your hands on that book as it has many great recipes in it.


Improve Your Bud Pictures

There is a very simple way to improve the pictures you take of your plants as they are in their flowering stage.

The orange redish tent is from using high pressure soidum lights. Theses lights give the plants the light spectrum they prefer that mimics the light spectrum of the fall when the plant normally are in their flowering cycle. This might be best for the plants, but it is horrible for taking pictures.

This results in many people taking these orange pictures that do not give the flowers the justice they deserve. Don’t fret–there is an easy simple and cheap solution.

If you are growing cannabis your may already own the solution. I use a pair of blue tented glasses to look at my plants and be able to see them better without the orange tint. (If you don’t own a pair go to your local grow store they will have them.) Take them off your face and shoot your pictures through the lenz of the glasses. It works the same for your camera as it does your own eyes.

Now enjoy better quality pictures of your buds.

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Call for Submissions

I am writing a book to show that cannabis is medicine by providing proof. What proof, well to be blunt–your proof along with mine.

What proof am I talking about that you might have?

I want you to tell your story about how cannabis has improved your life. Where were you medically before you started using cannabis and how has that improved since you started using it? And what method do you use cannabis? It is all important and you are the most important part; tell the story from your perspective and together our voices can be strong. Not scattered random stories around the net, but all in one anthology of personal stories.

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Follow-up on Mantis as pest control

Using praying mantis as a means of pest control is possible. However, there are a few things that need to be address if you would like to use this method of pest control.


First off figure out what species of mantis are available to you. There are lots of options and depending on your locations some may or may not be an option. I used the Chinese mantis that has been established in the United States for some time now. Other species that are not in your area extra care will need to be taken to make sure non escape and become an invasive and unwanted addition into your local ecosystem.

The diet of the mantis can change as it ages. In my previous blog post I had misidentified the mantis as an adult. The wing pod I believed to be wings something that appears at the stage before adult. I received clarification from a Mantis breeder who got back to me after my last blog post. What does this matter? Well once the Chinese mantis reached the sub adult stage prior to becoming a full adult the mantis loses interest in smaller food—mainly the gnats I wanted it to eat and will ignore small prey to the point of starvation.

So you may be asking: what is the solution and how can the mantis work as pest control if they stop eating the gnats at sub adult? One way to handle this would be to purchase an ootheca (mantis egg sack). This would hatch about 100-400 mantis nymphs. They would eat up all the gnats and would eat each other as well. A few notes on this: You will have some escape and don’t use any that are not in your area. As the mantis nymphs grow larger you will find discarded exoskeletons on plants and would need to remove them.  this is one thing I wanted to avoid and why I wanted adult mantis in the grow room.

This was an interesting experiment, but overall not sure how practical it is for the at home cannabis grower.

Organic Pest Management System

For those that grow with soil you have inevitably run into grow room pests. Such as gnats the small little flies and if you use organic nutrients then you might see more of them. So what is the solution?  There are several chemical gnat killers available to rid your soil of the gnats and their larvae. This will also kill all the microorganisms that live in the soil as well. Your cannabis plants love these microorganism, however, and you will need to indoctrinate your soil with more microorganisms, again and let those colonies grow back to where they were. The microorganisms being a food source for gnats it is possible to see the gnats come back as your microorganisms rebuild their colony.

What is a gardener to do then? As it seems to be a never ending cycle.

Both the European and Asian praying mantis were released in the United States about a century ago; in hopes of helping to control unwanted pests; gardeners have been releasing them into greenhouses for generations where the praying mantis are native.

So why not a cannabis grow room. This would add in a predator to the gnats; closing the circle of life. Where this normally is not done in a indoor grow room because of its isolation.

The praying mantis has a large appetite. It is possible that one would need to remove the mantis if it depleted all of its food source from the growing room and feed separately.

I ordered a pair of juvenile praying mantis and reared them until they hit adulthood. Now that they are done going through all their metaphorical changes they are now fully grown. They are both males so no worry about what one to release I to the grow room because female mantis will still lay ootheca (mantis egg sack) even if she has not breed with a male. Determining the gender of the mantis is easy. Makes have 7 sections on the rear while females have 5; you can also tell when the mantis is fully grown when you are able to see its wings.

I am only releasing one mantis in the grow room at a time as they are carnivorous and can and will eat each other.

I can not tell you how well releasing the mantis has worked because I just did it and I need to let the experiment run its course. Once I feel I can weigh in on how effect using a mantis is I will write about it then.

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


How Cannabis Saved My Life

To tell my story right, I feel that it is necessary to start my story long before I had ever used cannabis and long before I knew that it was a medicine.

medI was born in the early 80’s and as a young child I first learned about cannabis in school. During D.A.R.E except they did not call it cannabis at that time. It was Marijuana, weed or pot and it is the most dangerous drug in the world. At least that is what we were being told at the time. There was never anything mentioned about how it is a medicine or how it could help someone. This dangerous drug that only losers and burn outs used and kills your brain cells; they would continue to tell you. You would hear about how important people like Former President Ronald Reagan said, “I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast.” Let’s think about that for one moment. How much radiation damage would you suffer being that close to an H-bomb but far enough away to survive it? I am not positive how much brain damage you would suffer but I imagine it is a lot.

What we were not told was that how they proved that cannabis caused this level of brain damage. The short version of that story is Dr. Robert G. Heath whom was a researcher at Tulane University in New Orleans hooked monkeys up to gas masks pumping cannabis smoke for hours without any supplemental oxygen. So when the monkeys had brain damage from lack of oxygen they called it proof that cannabis cause brain damage.

So growing up it is no surprise that I felt that marijuana was a bad thing. Why would anyone choose to use such a thing, I would wonder? While I am was in High School I never tried it; it was dangerous I thought and in more than one way. Putting all the worries about killing myself from using such a harmful drug aside; there was the legal issues that come with cannabis. Police arrest people that have even small amounts because marijuana because it was so dangerous.

While I was in High School I was introduced to the concept of cannabis being used medically. This of course is when California legalize cannabis for medical use but only for people who had cancer or AIDS or something life threatening that was going to kill them anyway. This dangerous drug could be used to help ease the dying. But remember for someone who is healthy it is still very dangerous drug were still being told and not to mention that cannabis was not legal in the state I grew up in at this time; it was only California but it was the start of states asserting their rights to use cannabis as medicine.

A few years go by after high school and shortly after I turned 21, I join the Navy. In the US Military there is a zero tolerance policy on any illegal drugs. This means if you use any drugs and have a random urine test: you career is over and it will have ruined your life. You will be dishonorably discharged and this will effect who will hire you once you get out of the military. So there is no reason to risk so much and for what something that is going to kill you anyway. But don’t forget here is some cheap tobacco and booze. Smoke as much cigarettes as you want. In fact that is likely the only way you will get a break during the day is if you smoke a cigarettes. You are also allowed to drink as long as you are not on duty and are over 21. If you are under 21 just don’t do it. It does not have as much punishment as illegal drugs but it will hurt your career. If you’re over 21 providing booze to minors that are your service buddies will get you in trouble as well.

P-3 Orion

It was in the service that I got injured. I was stateside working inside a P-3 Orion and when I exited the plane I slipped and I came crashing down the stairs leading up into the plane and land on the deck, hard! But I was young and I bounced up thinking I was okay even though I was a little sore. I had also cut my finger on safety wire during my fall and was bleeding a little bit. My inner thigh bruised up from hitting the support pole to the hand rail. I informed maintenance control of the incident and they sent me back to work.

A few months go by and falling out of the plane was just moment in the past. My body started to ache more and more to the point it stopped being an ache and it was full on pain. Bearing through it I did my job and refusing to go to medical over some aches. Some more months pass by and I start to have back spasms and sharp pains that felt that someone ran behind me, stabbed me with a dagger pulled it out and ran away. Spasms started to become more frequent until my wife call the ambulance and I was reluctantly dragged out of the house and taken to the hospital.

This is when I started to see the doctors on base and they start testing me for various different tests to find out what is causing my pain. There was no reason I should be in this much pain the doctors would tell me. At first giving me Motrin for the pain, good old vitamin M the cure for everything in the Navy. This did not help and they quickly started adding on more and more medications on my list to take. I did my own research online about chronic pain and someone on (an online support group website for various medical conditions) said that what I had been describing sound a lot like fibromyalgia. I printed out as much information on this thing called fibromyalgia and asked my doctor is it possible this is what I have? He sent me to a Rheumatologist that was a civilian doctor. This Rheumatologist did not need to see me very long before he was able to confirm that I had fibromyalgia. As unlikely as this was because I am a man and 9 out of 10 people with fibromyalgia are women and men that have it are usually a lot older than me. So as a young man I was not likely at all to get Fibromyalgia. It was this fact that the Navy Doctors latched onto and assumed that I must be faking it. Long story short here; they send me to a Navy Shrink to figure out if I am faking it. They figured out that I was not and eventually I got medically discharged about 2 years later.

Since I decided to stay in Maine. I have a VA Hospital fairly close to me and they provided some medical care for me. Even though at this time Cannabis is legal in Maine as a medicine for certain conditions I would not even consider it. Remember the information that I had been given my whole life. I was living in ignorance and let me tell you what; Ignorance is not bliss when you suffer from a medical condition. It took me six years of living in agony taking mountains of pills three times a day. Doctors refusing to give me anything stronger because I have a chronic condition and that means that it will never go away, therefor, do not want me to get addicted. Years of living in pain, being on handfuls of pills and being very inactive caused me to gain lots of weight from my fit Navy body and I reached up to 330 lbs. I had been living in so much pain for so long. Life was really being to suck and I also started getting very depressed. I even almost became one of the 22 veterans a day that end up taking their own lives.

I even started to look into cannabis as an option I was that desperate! My wife had encouraged me to try it and I talked with people who suffered like me and found out how much relief they got from cannabis, but I was still not sure. It may help with the pain but isn’t it going to kill me or make me stupid if I use it? I was still every concerned and worried about using cannabis.

This is when I started to find out what is truly addicting when it comes to cannabis. It is not smoking it; it is learning about it and everything it can do. Learning about the positive things it does for you. But still I was a little hesitant about trying it. Something was holding me back some of that was it was still illegal for me to try it before getting a recommendation from a doctor and VA doctor can’t recommend it. So I would have to pay to get a recommendation and not know if it will help me or not.

It was sometime in 2012 that my fibromyalgia decided to spike up hard and go from living in mere agony to full on being tortured in the pits of hell. My pain was so bad all I could do was curl up into a ball and cry. My wife not knowing what to do because she was well aware how little the VA would do for me. Asking me what I want her to do; I replied back to call a friend of mine that I knew smoked and see if he would bring some over and let me try it because of the level of pain I was in I could not bear it any longer. That was the first day I had felt what it was like to live without the fibromyalgia monster mauling me every moment I lived.

It has been a few years now that I have been using medical cannabis. My world has turned upside down and now I am finding out every day how wonderful cannabis can be. I am learning that what I knew about cannabis growing up had mostly been made up of lies, misinformation and negative propaganda. What many of you may be wondering right now is how it has changed my life.

Since I have started using cannabis I have seen some wonderful changes. I no longer take pharmaceutical medication on a daily basis. With the ability to reduce chronic pain I suffer from I was able to start doing light weight low impact workouts without feeling like I might die. It is because of this that I have been able to lose 84 lbs and I am not done losing weight yet! Since cannabis can also take care of withdrawal symptoms it helped me quit smoking tobacco for good. Something I had started while in the Navy. With having less pain and doing these work outs I also started to gain some balance back. For most of the time that I have had fibromyalgia I have walked with a cane. The pain can get so intense that I could not hold myself up right it was next to impossible. For many years I have been barely able to take one or two steps without the use of my cane. Now only on my most painful days do I need to use it and they are few and far in between now. For a long time I dreamed about being able to walk again without my cane but I had also accepted the fact that I was not going to be able to walk again without it. Cannabis has changed my life! In fact it might be more accurate to say that cannabis gave me back my life and gave me a passion to help others that might have grown up similar to me: In ignorance but ignorance is easily cured with accurate information.

As you can tell cannabis has become a very important part of my life. I want to tell everyone about all the positive information I find out about cannabis. I am now a Cannabis Scholar this means that in much of my spare time I do research and trying to find out as much information as I can on Cannabis. So I started my Blog as a way to share all the information I have learned about Cannabis at and I post links to my blog on Facebook and Twitter. I am also currently working on a couple cannabis inspired books. I am looking for stories like mine where cannabis has changed your life for the better. There are lots of stories like mine scattered across the world on the Internet. What I want to do is make a book that shows people cannabis is a medicine for many conditions and to recognize it as such. I am also working on a children’s educational book on cannabis to help facilitate a conversation between the medical cannabis patient and their child. If you are interested in sharing your inspirational cannabis story with me please send me an email at or leave me a comment below. Let’s change the prospective on cannabis.

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”