Let’s talk Cannabinods: CBC


Cannabichromene known a little better by its acronym CBC, but still many people are not aware of this cannabinod. Most likely because it is found predominantly in the early flowering stage of the cannabis plant. However, It is the cannabinod that fathers the rest of the better known cannabinods such has THC and CBD; during latter stages of flowering.

Some recent studies are showing that CBC has anti-proliferative effect meaning it inhibits the growth of tumors. It has also been shown to have an anti inflammatory and analgesic (pain reliving) properties. It works well by it self but tend to work better with other cannabinoids like THC and CBD; giving a synergistic component making the endocannabinod system work more efficiently.

With CBC found most in the early stages of flowering that CBC also has one of the strongest antibiotic and anti-fungal properties out of the rest of the cannabinods. This is most likely because it is trying to protect the plant while it is still in its early stages.

While we do know some about¬†cannabichromene there is still so much more to learn about all the cannabinods. Including the ones we don’t run across as often because it could

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