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Occasionally, I will do a review of cannabis related stuff. This can be anything from cannabis books to a cannabis social media app like duby, or an online head shop like HerbTools. If it is cannabis related and I have reviewed it, you will find it here.  I do not use a number scale to rate anything. I find that it does not revel enough. Instead I talk about the positives and possible negatives and let you decide how good they are based on their merits and flaws. Below are all the Reviews done on FibroMan.


  1. is an online head shop where you can find all your cannabis smoking needs and you can find my review article of them Herb Tools Online Head Shop Review.
  2. duby is an anonymous cannabis social media app that is available for both Android and Apple formats. I have review them twice. My first review of duby was while they were still in beta phase still trying to make a name for themselves you can find this article duby the Must Have App. The next time I did a review of duby was on the eve of a massive upgrade as duby had become more popular than ever and can find that review article Pass The duby.
  3. Cannabis pharmacy book review article, Cannabis Pharmacy Book Review.
  4. Hemply was one of the first social media sites I had found. I had thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I am sad to say that Hemply is no longer around anymore, but you can still read my review of them Hemply a Social Media for the Cannabis Enthusiast.
  5. The Emperor of Hemp documentary review can be found Must Watch Documentaries Emperor of Hemp.
  6. Beyond Buds by Ed Rosenthal Book Review
  7. Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis Book Review

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