Book Review: Cannabinoids and Terpenes: The Medicinal Benefit of Cannabis

candtThe book “Cannabinoids and Terpenes: The Medicinal Benefit of Cannabis,” by Ryder Management Inc. I have been wanting to learn a more in-depth about specific cannabinoids and terpenes. This book did not live up to my hopes.

The author is not credited more than Ryder Management Inc and what we do know about them  is they are a cannabis patient that was able to treat their cancer using RSO.

I have two biggest issues with the book. Firstly, all the images in the book are from low quality sources and are distorted by being enlarged. The graphics have good information on them, but the quality make the whole book appear less credible. This can by showing the chemical map of cannabinoids in the introduction of the book next to the text of the book. It is barely legible and fuzzy. While it is one of the smallest images in the book it is also stretched to large.  Another page where they are showing lab results this time with the graphics taking up most of the page compared to the text at the bottom.


The second and biggest issue with the book is that there are fewer pages dedicated to Cannabinoids and Terpenes than there are of other semi related content. This book has 31 pages and does it not really start talking about specifics about cannabinoids and terpenes until page 17 and quickly spots at page 24, then it has the conclusion, ads for other Ryder Management Inc books. and some other content assorted.

This book only being 31 page and only around 7 pages really detailed around the topic of  specifically Cannabinoids and Terpenes like the title would suggest. This book has some good general information and could be called one patients discussion on cannabis, testing methods, and some general information about cannabinoids and terpenes; however the topic of the book is nowhere near being specifically detailed about terpenes or cannabinoids. Definitely would not recommend spending money on this book if you are looking for detailed information on cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids. Overall the book looks and reads unprofessional.

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Davinci IQ Vaporizer (First Week) Review

Last week, I purchased myself a portable dry herb vaporizer. I personally narrowed down my choice from three of the best reviewed portable vaporizers; The PAX3, The FireFly2, and The Davinci IQ. I choose the Davinci IQ; while the other two still look like quality vaporizers I only had the money for one.

18893474_1762747163741629_2799996445037404004_nI have been using the Davinci IQ as my primary method of medicating for about a week. I have found that one vaping session (10 minute) does give the same relief as smoking the same amount of medicine. The first time I tried a vaporizer a few years ago this was not the case, but that other vaporizer was not a top quality one and the technology has been progressing since then. I really like the quality and taste of the vapor that the Davinci IQ produces.

The battery came dead, so I was not able to use it the very first day that I got it.  I do like that it has a removable rechargeable battery. This was one of the features, I really liked. You can also purchase separate batteries and an external charger. Both of these I do eventually plan on getting, but only had enough for the vaporize itself.  The battery only last long enough to do a few vaping sessions before it needs to recharge. So by itself the Davinci IQ can’t keep up with my medicating needs all day with the one battery.  I knew this before getting it. No portable vape has the battery to never handle all day use. Also the Davinci IQ does come with a USB charging cord, however it does not come with a wall socket. I was glad I had a spare and found this a little displeasing.

One of the things I really like about the Davinci IQ vaporizer is the smart paths that you can choose and they are simple to use. Simply choose path 1, 2, 3, or 4. Each of these paths reflect a different temperature range for the oven in the vaporizer. What this does is slowly over 10 minutes it raises the temperature from the starting temp to a higher finishing temp. This allows you to get a constant availability of vapor without needing to adjust the temperature of the vaporizer. Through the mobile Davinci IQ app, you can also customize the smart paths any way you want  using 3 points on a graph to determine how fast the paths progress to your finial temp. So far I’ve only messed with one and have not found a custom way I prefer. I tend to use the factory setting 2 or 3 most often.

You can also have precision control over the temperature and will see the digital display of what temp you choose. There is also a boost mode that will increase the temperature to the maximum of 430F degrees for as long as you hold the button down.

The Davinci IQ app is kinda cool. It let’s you see what temp you are currently at, adjust the temp up and down, along with customizing the smart paths as well. The most useful parts of the app are the FAQ, Walk thoughts and user manual on how to clean and service the Davinci IQ. I found the “Plant Guild” ironic. It lists things from chamomile to green tea to peppermint, but no where is cannabis or marijuana listed. These guilds tell you the ideal vaporization temperature and what effects vaporizing these plants might help you with and a brief history of the plant and historical usage. Oddly the plant most people buy this vaporizer for at least judging from the various reviews I have seen are all about cannabis…. Irony.

To help you choose what temp you might want to consider, since Davinci did not address this directly in their plant guild is look at the boiling point of Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Depending on  what effect you are trying to target you might want to choose different temperatures.

cannabinods boil

Overall I am very happy so far with my choice, but I have only had it a short period of time. I plan on doing a future review, after I’ve had more time to use the Davinci IQ more and find out how well it hold up to the true test of time and repeated use.

You can find the Davinci IQ at you local smoke shop or on-line at

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Coming Up

Okay, I know I have not brought any new content to my blog in the last couple of weeks. Instead I have been going through my blog and updating the Categories and Tags. I have finally finished this step. Now each article will be more accessible via an Internet search. This will also let me update my site with widgets that will uses these tags and categories so anyone on my site will be able to find the content they are looking for most.

I have also received two cannabis books for my birthday.

IMG_1024“True Living Organics 2nd edition,” by The Rev. Eventually I want to be able to grow more organically and this book is defiantly going to help acquire some of the knowledge I will need.
“Cannabinoids and Terpenes The Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis,” by Ryder Management Inc. This book should explain in more details the various cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis plant.


I will be reading through both of these and will do a review on them once I have finished them.

DaVinci-IQ-colors-1024x576I have also purchased a Davinci IQ vaporizer and will be working on a review of that product. Look for this review next week





I also just went to the CARE NOT CUTS rally yesterday. Representing cannabis with my shirt. 





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It’s my Birthday 

Today is my birthday and wanted to share some of the cannabis memes my freinds posted on my facebook wall for me.

Also my update:

Been working on updating the categories and tags for my blog 2/3 of all my posts have been updated.

I have also been editing and introducing all the stories submitted to me for, “Cannabis Soup for the Soul.”

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I have put together the stories for “Cannabis Soup for the Soul,” and now working on introducing each story. I am also working on editing for spelling and grammar. Once I have my draft fix and I am happy with it; I will be looking in more detail about what my publishing options are. Stay tuned for more about that.

18596526_1744706442212368_1467900042_oI have also been working on learning more about the WordPress platform and blogging in general.

I have come to realized that I have not been utilizing WordPress to the fullest.  My way of thinking about websites was rooted in the very basics of web-design that I learned almost two decades ago and never kept up with the changing platform. My way of thinking is out of date and I have been doing it the hard way for a some time now.

I had been primary concerned with the content about cannabis I wanted to share and not the platform I was using.  I am going to be updating my blog and slowly you should start to see some changes that will make things easier to navigate my website.

I am hoping to better utilize categories and tags as they are not detailed enough with the default catigory being cannabis. Hey at least I did update it to not be uncategorized the standard default. Once the categories and tags are updated then I can start to add widgets and plug-ins that can use the updated categories and tags. This should help reach more people and make finding the cannabis knowledge they are looking for easier.

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Cannabis Soup for the Soul

For those that have been following me for a little while know about this project. Cannabis Soup for the soul is a book series that I am looking to get published. It will be a collection of cannabis patient stories told by the cannabis patients themselves on how cannabis has improved their lives. There is no better way a patient can show that cannabis is medicine than to talk about how using it has improved the quality and abilities of their lives. How do I know this? Well it is simple. When I have talk to people about how cannabis has changed my life I have been able to change peoples perspective about cannabis. Open the idea in their heads that cannabis can be medicine. The idea becomes less foreign to them; a little less strange. It breaks down the stigma associated with cannabis  when people understand what cannabis means to the person taking it.

It has been slow getting people to send me their stories. However, I have gotten some and now have enough to make the first edition of Cannabis Soup for the Soul. I am now going to start working on compiling and introducing each story. This is what I am going to be focusing on over the next few weeks. Once that is completed I am going to look into what my publishing options are. Stay tuned for more information on that.

cannabis soupIt is my hope that more people will want to share their cannabis story after the release of the first edition of Cannabis Soup for the Soul and I will be able to make the second edition shortly after. Together with all of our story combined can help break down the stigma associated with cannabis.

If you are interested in having your story about how cannabis helped put into a future edition of Cannabis Soup for the Soul, please send it to with the subject line Cannabis Soup.

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Hospitals with Reefer Madness

h2There is something very wrong with the main stream medical perception on cannabis in some regions of our country. Sometimes this is in direct opposition to the current successful establishment of medical and/or adult use cannabis laws. What I am talking about is something that can effect almost anyone and that is the need for an organ transplant. My state of Maine has both a medical marijuana program and adult use laws. As one of my previous article on Garry Godfrey illustrated is if you need an organ and are a legal medical patient then you will be denied being allowed on the transplant list.

r.pngThis is not an isolated event. In Utah a man, Riley Hancey age 20 was not a medical patient and had only smoked cannabis with a few friends over Thanksgiving break. Tragically in December he suffered case of pneumonia that turned into a rare lung infection. This infection caused him to need double lung transplant. The hospital ran a drug test and found trace amounts of THC in his system from when he smoked over Thanksgiving and this disqualified him from getting any organ transplant at the University Hospital of Utah it was, “according to its policy, does not transplant organs in patients with “active alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drug use or dependencies,” spokeswoman Kathy Wilets said at the time.

Here is the problem. If he would have drank over Thanksgiving the alcohol would not have been detectable by December. For that matter if he would have done any number of the hard drugs they also would not have been detectable in his system after that long of a period of time had passed. Cannabis has the unique characteristic to stay detectable in a mammals system much longer than other substances because every mammal has an endo-cannabinod system and this systems keeps cannabinoids in you system longer because you body creates natural endo(internal) cannabinoids and ingesting cannabis introduces ecto-cannabinods that work with the endocannabinod system. The endo in edno-cannabinoid means internal and the ecto in ecto-cannabinod means external and these terms are used to differentiate where the cannabinods source is.  Unlike alcohol and other drugs that your body sees as a toxin to be flushed out as soon as possible.

Riley Hancey stayed at Utah hospital until in March he had been accepted to University of Pennsylvania hospital would accept him as a patient and do his transplant and had the procedure done March 29th. Unfortunately Riley had complications from the surgery and passed away on April 22, 2017. Maybe, just maybe if he had not been required to stay 68 days in Utah in intensive care because they would not do his life saving procedure then maybe Riley would have had a better chance to survive his surgery.r3.png

Policy at the hospitals regardless of what state they reside in should not have policies that reflect Anslinger’s Reeffer Madness. You life should not be in danger because you used cannabis. The plant is not a toxic substance. Yet, hospitals can treat you like a metaphorical leper that can be shunned without guilt because you used cannabis. How is this okay? Why is this acceptable? One thing is clear this needs to change.

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