Cannabis Bath Solution

I recently tried a new topical application of cannabis to help me with my pain and muscle tension caused by my fibromyalgia and it was amazing.

What you need to get to have your own cannabis bath solution.


4 Cups of Water
60 rinsed soapberries aritha (These I could only find on-line)
4 TBS of freshly scrapped aloe. (Found a large leaf at my grocery store and had more than enough.)
The dried peal of an Orange. (After pealing an Orange I left the peals in an empty drawer to dry in a paper bag.)
Sunflower Lecithin.
15 Grams of ground decarboxilated Cannabis Flower (See my article on How and Why to Decarb Cannabis)
2 TBS of Lavender flowers (this I got at a natural food store.)
~2 TBS Olive Oil
1 cup of Course Himalayan Pink Salt


Step one:

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil then add in the soapberry aritha, orange peals, and lavender. Cover and let sit overnight or at least 12 hours.

Step two:

Melt Sunflower lecithin on low heat in a small sauce pan into olive oil. Once fully dissolved put decarbed cannabis into a jar and pour the olive oil with Sunflower lecithin melted in over the cannabis. Mix around until fully coated. Add a tiny amount more of olive oil if cannabis is not well coated. Let this sit overnight as well.

Step three:

After you let it sit over night mix the two together. Add in 2tbs of fresh aloe and simmer on low for 45 minute or until about half the water has evaporated. Then let this sit until it only warm to the touch–strain. (Keep leftovers to make second less potent bath solution.)

This solution is perishable and needs to be refrigerated or frozen.

Step Four:

Mix 1 cup of coarse Himalayan Pink Salt with 2tbs of fresh aloe then mix 1 cup of bath solution into salt; add to a bath and enjoy.


This bath will relax your muscles and relieve pain like a topical cannabis, but with this infusion process it also has a slight psychoactive effect and may effect different people differently. The longer you are in the bath the more of an effect you will feel. Plan accordingly and know how this will effect you before trying to do anything else.

I personally loved this application method of using cannabis.


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This recipe was originally found in “The Cannabis Spa at Home,” I made a few small changes, but highly recommend getting your hands on that book as it has many great recipes in it.


How to Clean Your Banger

If you use dabs then you have some kind of rig to dab with and if you use the banger style you can see that it can get pretty dirty fairly quick. In this short blog I am going to talk about how to keep the banger clean longer and how to clean it easy when it needs it.


First, in your smoking spot or in your smoking kit add some Q-tips to the area. A few dampened Q-tips wiped on the inside of the banger after you dab will help collect some of the left overs that can crud up the banger. This will make it so you don’t need to clean it as often. Low temp dabs also make cleaning the banger something  that is not needed as often.


When the banger does become pretty dirty looking you can clean it with fire. If you have a decent torch you can use it to burn off all the crud. The flame can come back out of the banger so make sure it is not coming out to much as this can burn you if you are not careful. When completed it will make the banger look pretty good and use can use a metal dabber to scrap off some of the crud to help as well and finish off with a wet Q-tip to collect the any left overs. Repeat as need until clean. You will need to focus the flame on all parts of the inside of the banger and can take a few minutes. In my comparison shot above my thermal banger was cleaned this way.

If you are a perfectionist and want the banger super clean you can use some acetone to clean it further. However if you do this make sure that the banger is not hot. Repeat don’t use acetone on a hot banger. Acetone is flammable and will ignite if the banger is over the flash point. Also you will want to rinse out the banger very well, as you don’t want any acetone left over in the banger. Yuck, to the taste and also don’t want it igniting. Also remember when cleaning with fire that things are getting very hot. Use common sense and safety precautions.

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Wet Vs Dry Trimming Pt.1

trimWhen you talk to people who grow cannabis you will find that those who hand trim fall into one of two categories. Those who wet trim buds and those who dry trim their buds.

Me, I have always wet trimmed. Why? It was how I learned from the caregiver that thought me. Also I have not been growing for a very long time. I have mastered wet trimming and have deiced to try out dry trimming. For me I can’t give an opinion as to what way is completely better. My perspective is slightly skewed with my experience. I did try out dry trimming for the first time and I do like it. I might be switching styles but can’t completely decide, yet. I only set a few branches aside to try out dry trimming. Now my next plant I plan on doing completely with dry trimming. To get a better idea of what a full plant harvest would be like with the dry trim method.

What I liked about the dry trimming method was it was less time consuming compared to wet trimming and I am pretty efficient at wet trimming now that I have been doing it for a little over 2 years. This was also easier on my physically, but again I was only doing a few branches, so did not have as much to do as normal.

I posted the picture above and asked my community on Instagram, Duby and Facebook; how they personally trim their cannabis and why they trim that way.  To see if I could get some kind of conciseness as to what the most popular ways to trim were.

The reason people said dry trimming was preferable were that wet trimming was much more work than dry trimming. Others claimed that wet trimming interferes with curing by cutting the leaves that evaporation during the drying/curing process could then only come out of the flower causing damage to the resin, terpenes, and overall cannabinoid profile. While others suggested longer dry periods with plastic and paper coverings to enhance the curing process. (Something for me to read more into latter)

The reason people said wet trimming was preferable was that when you dry trim you can see trichomes fly off as you clip the leaves off the buds and that the only time they ever dry trim is if they do not have enough time to wet trim.

Some of these arguments sound the same on both sides. But what does that mean? Is wet trimming better or is dry? Does one method of trimming cause damage to the cannabinoid profile? Or is it all just a matter of personal choice with what your preference is.

Here are my thoughts. I don’t think this is going to be something that we can just prove with a debate. There are experience growers on both sides of this debate.  So, I propose that we do an experiment. I think I should on one of my upcoming harvests take a top bud and dry trim one and wet trim another. Then submit these buds for a cannabinoid profile and terpenes profile test. Then compare the results to see if one method has a significant deference in their results.

TestedLabs in Maine does the tests I would need. The cannabinoid profile test is $40 per sample and the terpenes profile test is also $40 per sample. I have started a gofundme page to pay for these lab tests. As I don’t have the $160 to have all four required samples done to compare the two methods. Once I have the funding for theses tests I will be able to do a follow up article and revel if there is a significant difference in the profiles between wet and dry trimming.


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Ultra Sour Diesel Strain Review

usd1To review this strain, I had a cone joint of Ultra Sour Diesel (USD) and it was quite amazing honestly. Prior to smoking this joint I was having a higher fibromyalgia pain day with my pain starting off the day at around an 8 on a 10 scale for pain; with a low level of energy. Lethargic and fatigued would be the best way to describe my energy level. I had been doing to much lately and have been paying for it.

After lighting up this cone joint you could taste the a mellow pine flavor with a fuel after taste that comes with most diesel strains, but milder so not to be over bearing; like sucking on a tail pipe, unlike other diesel strains I have tried. While smoking ultra sour diesel it is smooth and with little to no coughing, even with long deep drags. About half way through the joint I could feel my muscles started to relax and my pain started to melt into the background to the point that, after I finished the joint my pain had dropped down to a 4 on a 10 scale. There is definitely an energy boost that comes with smoking Ultra Sour Diesel. After I was finished smoking it was like drinking an espresso or two. I became energized—ready to face the day and get some things done. (Like Writing this review.)

usd2Ultra Sour Diesel seems to be the prefect balance between Indica and Sativa hybrid as it has a powerful long lasting pain reliving properties and gives you a nice energy boost that allows you to get things done. I very much hope to be able to get my hand on this strain again.

On a scale between 1-5 I give Ultra Sour Diesel a 5; good to the last toke.

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Top 5 Instagram’s to Follow if You Love Cannabis

Check out this Top 5 list of Cannabis related Instagram accounts. Like what you see? Click the image to open in a separate window the Instagram account you just gotta follow.


5) devilslettuceph


4. doobieduck


3. dankshire_



2. dubyapp


1. nugshots


This has been the top 5 Instragram accounts that I personally love. Tell me what your favorite Instagram account to follow are? Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram linked below and if you really like what I post on Instagram tag a friend in on of my cannabis shots.

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Book Review: Cannabinoids and Terpenes: The Medicinal Benefit of Cannabis

candtThe book “Cannabinoids and Terpenes: The Medicinal Benefit of Cannabis,” by Ryder Management Inc. I have been wanting to learn a more in-depth about specific cannabinoids and terpenes. This book did not live up to my hopes.

The author is not credited more than Ryder Management Inc and what we do know about them  is they are a cannabis patient that was able to treat their cancer using RSO.

I have two biggest issues with the book. Firstly, all the images in the book are from low quality sources and are distorted by being enlarged. The graphics have good information on them, but the quality make the whole book appear less credible. This can by showing the chemical map of cannabinoids in the introduction of the book next to the text of the book. It is barely legible and fuzzy. While it is one of the smallest images in the book it is also stretched to large.  Another page where they are showing lab results this time with the graphics taking up most of the page compared to the text at the bottom.


The second and biggest issue with the book is that there are fewer pages dedicated to Cannabinoids and Terpenes than there are of other semi related content. This book has 31 pages and does it not really start talking about specifics about cannabinoids and terpenes until page 17 and quickly spots at page 24, then it has the conclusion, ads for other Ryder Management Inc books. and some other content assorted.

This book only being 31 page and only around 7 pages really detailed around the topic of  specifically Cannabinoids and Terpenes like the title would suggest. This book has some good general information and could be called one patients discussion on cannabis, testing methods, and some general information about cannabinoids and terpenes; however the topic of the book is nowhere near being specifically detailed about terpenes or cannabinoids. Definitely would not recommend spending money on this book if you are looking for detailed information on cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids. Overall the book looks and reads unprofessional.

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Davinci IQ Vaporizer (First Week) Review

Last week, I purchased myself a portable dry herb vaporizer. I personally narrowed down my choice from three of the best reviewed portable vaporizers; The PAX3, The FireFly2, and The Davinci IQ. I choose the Davinci IQ; while the other two still look like quality vaporizers I only had the money for one.

18893474_1762747163741629_2799996445037404004_nI have been using the Davinci IQ as my primary method of medicating for about a week. I have found that one vaping session (10 minute) does give the same relief as smoking the same amount of medicine. The first time I tried a vaporizer a few years ago this was not the case, but that other vaporizer was not a top quality one and the technology has been progressing since then. I really like the quality and taste of the vapor that the Davinci IQ produces.

The battery came dead, so I was not able to use it the very first day that I got it.  I do like that it has a removable rechargeable battery. This was one of the features, I really liked. You can also purchase separate batteries and an external charger. Both of these I do eventually plan on getting, but only had enough for the vaporize itself.  The battery only last long enough to do a few vaping sessions before it needs to recharge. So by itself the Davinci IQ can’t keep up with my medicating needs all day with the one battery.  I knew this before getting it. No portable vape has the battery to never handle all day use. Also the Davinci IQ does come with a USB charging cord, however it does not come with a wall socket. I was glad I had a spare and found this a little displeasing.

One of the things I really like about the Davinci IQ vaporizer is the smart paths that you can choose and they are simple to use. Simply choose path 1, 2, 3, or 4. Each of these paths reflect a different temperature range for the oven in the vaporizer. What this does is slowly over 10 minutes it raises the temperature from the starting temp to a higher finishing temp. This allows you to get a constant availability of vapor without needing to adjust the temperature of the vaporizer. Through the mobile Davinci IQ app, you can also customize the smart paths any way you want  using 3 points on a graph to determine how fast the paths progress to your finial temp. So far I’ve only messed with one and have not found a custom way I prefer. I tend to use the factory setting 2 or 3 most often.

You can also have precision control over the temperature and will see the digital display of what temp you choose. There is also a boost mode that will increase the temperature to the maximum of 430F degrees for as long as you hold the button down.

The Davinci IQ app is kinda cool. It let’s you see what temp you are currently at, adjust the temp up and down, along with customizing the smart paths as well. The most useful parts of the app are the FAQ, Walk thoughts and user manual on how to clean and service the Davinci IQ. I found the “Plant Guild” ironic. It lists things from chamomile to green tea to peppermint, but no where is cannabis or marijuana listed. These guilds tell you the ideal vaporization temperature and what effects vaporizing these plants might help you with and a brief history of the plant and historical usage. Oddly the plant most people buy this vaporizer for at least judging from the various reviews I have seen are all about cannabis…. Irony.

To help you choose what temp you might want to consider, since Davinci did not address this directly in their plant guild is look at the boiling point of Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Depending on  what effect you are trying to target you might want to choose different temperatures.

cannabinods boil

Overall I am very happy so far with my choice, but I have only had it a short period of time. I plan on doing a future review, after I’ve had more time to use the Davinci IQ more and find out how well it hold up to the true test of time and repeated use.

You can find the Davinci IQ at you local smoke shop or on-line at

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