Cooking With Cannabis

There are many ways to cook with cannabis. One can make almost anything infused into cannabis with a little skill and imagination; one can do almost anything that you put your mind too. First, learn How and Why you must decarb (decarboxylate) your cannabis here. Then check out one of the many different things you can do with cannabis in the kitchen. Below are some of the things I’ve made with cannabis and have the recipes for you to try them yourself.


  1. Infusing Cannabis into Oil or Butter
  2. Canna-Caramels
  3. Canna Coffee Creamer
  4. Traditional Cannabis Drink: Bhang Ki Thandai
  5. Mega Medibles Double Infused Double Chocolate Cookies
  6. Cannabis Bunt Cake with Cannabis Icing
  7. Marbled Dark Chocolate Peanut-butter Medible Cookies
  8. Cannabis, Spinach and Artichoke Dip
  9. Hot Golden Delight drink

Keep on cooking with cannabis and if you have a great recipe you think others should know send them to me at with the subject line Cannabis Recipe and I will try them out. If they turn out good I will re-post them and of course as always…

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


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