Davinci IQ Vaporizer (First Week) Review

Last week, I purchased myself a portable dry herb vaporizer. I personally narrowed down my choice from three of the best reviewed portable vaporizers; The PAX3, The FireFly2, and The Davinci IQ. I choose the Davinci IQ; while the other two still look like quality vaporizers I only had the money for one.

18893474_1762747163741629_2799996445037404004_nI have been using the Davinci IQ as my primary method of medicating for about a week. I have found that one vaping session (10 minute) does give the same relief as smoking the same amount of medicine. The first time I tried a vaporizer a few years ago this was not the case, but that other vaporizer was not a top quality one and the technology has been progressing since then. I really like the quality and taste of the vapor that the Davinci IQ produces.

The battery came dead, so I was not able to use it the very first day that I got it.  I do like that it has a removable rechargeable battery. This was one of the features, I really liked. You can also purchase separate batteries and an external charger. Both of these I do eventually plan on getting, but only had enough for the vaporize itself.  The battery only last long enough to do a few vaping sessions before it needs to recharge. So by itself the Davinci IQ can’t keep up with my medicating needs all day with the one battery.  I knew this before getting it. No portable vape has the battery to never handle all day use. Also the Davinci IQ does come with a USB charging cord, however it does not come with a wall socket. I was glad I had a spare and found this a little displeasing.

One of the things I really like about the Davinci IQ vaporizer is the smart paths that you can choose and they are simple to use. Simply choose path 1, 2, 3, or 4. Each of these paths reflect a different temperature range for the oven in the vaporizer. What this does is slowly over 10 minutes it raises the temperature from the starting temp to a higher finishing temp. This allows you to get a constant availability of vapor without needing to adjust the temperature of the vaporizer. Through the mobile Davinci IQ app, you can also customize the smart paths any way you want  using 3 points on a graph to determine how fast the paths progress to your finial temp. So far I’ve only messed with one and have not found a custom way I prefer. I tend to use the factory setting 2 or 3 most often.

You can also have precision control over the temperature and will see the digital display of what temp you choose. There is also a boost mode that will increase the temperature to the maximum of 430F degrees for as long as you hold the button down.

The Davinci IQ app is kinda cool. It let’s you see what temp you are currently at, adjust the temp up and down, along with customizing the smart paths as well. The most useful parts of the app are the FAQ, Walk thoughts and user manual on how to clean and service the Davinci IQ. I found the “Plant Guild” ironic. It lists things from chamomile to green tea to peppermint, but no where is cannabis or marijuana listed. These guilds tell you the ideal vaporization temperature and what effects vaporizing these plants might help you with and a brief history of the plant and historical usage. Oddly the plant most people buy this vaporizer for at least judging from the various reviews I have seen are all about cannabis…. Irony.

To help you choose what temp you might want to consider, since Davinci did not address this directly in their plant guild is look at the boiling point of Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Depending on  what effect you are trying to target you might want to choose different temperatures.

cannabinods boil

Overall I am very happy so far with my choice, but I have only had it a short period of time. I plan on doing a future review, after I’ve had more time to use the Davinci IQ more and find out how well it hold up to the true test of time and repeated use.

You can find the Davinci IQ at you local smoke shop or on-line at http://www.davincivaporizer.com/iq-vaporizer/

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HerbTools Online Head Shop Review


For everyone who smokes cannabis for medicine or just enjoys smoking it, there is always the question of where to get a pipe, bong and etc. There are a few options available for people and some of it depends on your personal comfort level and price range you are shopping in.

Many people like to go to a physical store and can look at, feel and inspect the glass piece they’re about to purchase. The prices of these bongs and pipes will vary widely head shop to head shop, but are normally very pricey.

I’ve personally been reluctant to purchase many smoking items online. As the few I had purchased were not of great quality. However, when I was asked to do a review of Herbtools.com, I approached it with an open mind and as if I had never shopped online for any bong or pipe before.

I have been needing a new bong for a while as my bong was a simple one without any percolation. For more information about different types of percolators  HerbTools explains it well here. The first place I started browsing was in the bong section, as I said I needed a new one.

The way HerbTools organizes their website appealed to me right away. After selecting bongs there is categories of types: Glass, Plastic, Ceramic, Boxed, Peculator, and cheap. There was an impressive amount of selections of different types of bongs. Like a kid in a candy store, I browsed around. Wondering out of the bong section into the other parts of the website as there are also pipes, dabbing rigs, vaporizers, shisha, along with other accessories.

Although, I will be honest I still had my reservations about quality at this point. However, I found a piece I liked. The bong I choose was The Black Leaf Brand Herb/Oil combo bong with a built-in three stage percolators system that starts with the diffusion pipe this in in the down stem that goes into the bottom water chamber of the bong. After the smoke leaves the bottom chamber in the bong it is pulled up into a six-arm tree percolator; this being the primary percolator this pulls the smoke through the second water chamber then hitting the splash dome as the final stage before you inhale. One of the advantages to having a bong with a percolation system in it is the smoke is cooled more and when inhaled it is smoother. What this does is allows you to inhale deeper and absorb more of the cannabinoids making medicating more effective and efficient. Pictured below is the percolation system. img_7633

HerbTools has some of the best pricing on quality smoking devices that I have seen. The Black Leaf bong I got was priced at $137 on sale from $150. For a bong of similar quality and with equivalent percolation system might cost you as much as twice what HerbTools charges without their sale. On HerbTools website explains how they are able to do this: “Since the opening of our bong shop, many moons ago, we have been selling high-quality glass bongs for sale at cheap prices worldwide. We have delivered our water pipes to many different countries and do a lot of business here in the USA & Canada. As a popular bong shop we are well aware of what our customers expect, we always use 100% discreet packaging for every water-pipe, bong and smoking accessory. We run fast and reliable customer support. Whether you are looking to buy cheap glass pipes, awesome waterpipes for smoking, dab rigs for oil or reliable herb pen vaporizers, we’ve got you covered through our HerbTools online headshop. You will also find some great bongs for sale and also smoking accessories such as windproof turbo lighters, premium rolling boxes, bong down stems, glass bowls and pre-coolers.” Along with having some of the best prices I have ever seen with quality produces is that HerbTools also has something called Herb Points. These Herb Points are based solely on item price, 10 points per £1 GBP money spent and Each 10 Herb Points can be redeemed for $0.02. Over time you will built up rewards and will be able to redeem the points to reduce the price of an item in the future.

It was then with eager anticipation, I placed my order and waited for it to show up in the mail. Now even though time always slows down after you place your order for anything online when you want it to show up. However, HerbTools ships internationally and they are based out of the UK and my order arrived 5 days later. This I feel is a good shipping time for anything shipped internationally.

What I would like to point out is the customer service of www.herbtools.com as with any glass piece there is the risk of something breaking. I’ve even broken piece on transport home from a head shop.

The Black Leaf boxed bong comes in a box that has shaped foam to hold the bong, the down stem, the bowl and the nail. In shipping the nail had come loose and rolled around inside the travel box case and had mostly broken on the bong itself. The bong is thick glass and is of high quality but the nail that came with it was small a broke. I contact HerbTools and the small little nail that came with this model was out of stock. They gave me the option of 3 different nails to replace the one that broke and shipped it out to me and arrived just as quickly. While it is unfortunate that a part of the bong was broken, it was a little bit of a blessing in disguise as I got to review the replacement process as well as no glass is beyond the possibility of breaking.

The travel box for this bong I will still be using as it holds everything okay for traveling and will be safer than traveling without it. However, I am going to take the precaution of putting a thick fabric over all the glass items in the case then close it up to make sure everything stays better. It was just bad luck it came loose during a 5-day shipping period and when I travel it is only going to be for hours at most.


Overall I am extremely happy with my order. In fact, my new bong is my new favorite piece and will defiantly be shopping at HerbTools.com again. I have gotten the chance to use this bong for both the traditional method of smoking ground up cannabis and got to use the new nail a couple of times. Before I let myself finish this review I took extra time as I wanted to use this bong and need to clean it a few times. To make sure nothing would break while trying to clean due to manufacture defects as that has happened to me a couple of times. This bong cleans very nicely and easily with salt and 91% isopropyl alcohol and the parts are of high quality.

The next thing will be to get a pre-cooler attachment for this bong and fortunately there is also a good selection of those at HerbTools as well.

And as always,

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Pass the duby!


Are you one of the 100,000 users on duby? I am and you can find me there @fibroman and I have been using duby since they were still in beta phase. You will always find me amongst the top users. Although I have hit the number one spot a few times you will usually find me within the top 20.

If you are not currently using duby then you may not be familiar with the format and if you are I have exciting news about a series of pending updates the first happening next week. Let’s catch up the non-duby users about what duby is real quick. If you don’t have duby download the duby app to your phone from here. https://www.duby.co/ Just pick the App Store or Google play and download it to your phone.

Duby is an anonymous cannabis social media app that can be currently found for Apple and Droid formats. Duby lets you post cannabis related pictures for other to see. These pictures called dubies are then sent to the people close to you and to people that follow you. These people have a choice: Pass the duby or put it out. If they pass it then the duby gets sent to people near them and their followers. The more this happens the more people see your duby. So even with very few followers, you can end up with a duby that will start trending—and might even get featured. Take a look at some of the past featured dubys. https://www.duby.co/trending

One of the other unique features of duby is the influence number. The higher this number the more power you have to spread dubies you post and pass. You gain influence in a few ways and is a number that shows how much influence you have. In the end, you will get to see many duby from all around the world or people who enjoy cannabis as much as you do. That is duby in a nutshell.

@fibroman (Me) said, “Personally, I am a love using duby. I get to see other people’s home grows, fantastic verity of glass artwork, people enjoying cannabis and so much more.”

Don’t take just my word for it. This is what some of the other duby users had to say.

@meowy_wowy said, “I love duby, lol and you can quote me on this! I love the fact that we’re from all over the globe, yet we’re such a family and we have great connections with the duby team!”

@organicannabis said, “I think the app [duby] is very well designed for keeping user engagement up. The influence scoring system allows users to be rewarded for posting quality content over users just posting random things. I like the ease of use when you first download the app and that only had minor glitches are seen in the programming. I see potential for duby to be a major cannabis platform if they are able to gain more exposure next year.”

@tommy2dabs said, “The app [duby] is beginner friendly and opens up various connections between users.”

@grimreefer said, “duby is a nice community to bring many different ppl together for one reason and one reason only, the love of cannabis.”

@mrs_potsss said, “duby fam is amazing!!! It’s the best app because there’s barely any arguing or trolling, just fire bud to look at all day.”

@gator420 said, “I think this is one of the best apps out there!! I was a Facebook junkie!! But could never truly express myself and show everyone what I really love to do. The duby family on here are so awesome!!! If you need any question, or any help they will help you on this site…and that is awesome for a grower!!!”

@jonny5 said, “I have a special place in my heart for Duby app and all the amazing friends I’ve met along the way. Cannabis has been a huge factor in my day to day life as my medicine. Duby is a place where I’ve definitely met other like minded people. But the app itself is evolving fast! I love the new format and after the latest gameification of the app, they’ve made into a very addictive social media platform for all!”
@rebecca said, “You will always come back to duby, it’s your go to place. It’s truly does become a dubyfam. You develop friendships and bond connections with the people you meet on duby. It’s a community of people from all over the world. Just like you and me.”

So for my fellow duby users and soon to be duby users are you ready to see a sneak peak into what duby is going to look like here very soon? This is what the current user profile looks like on the left with the new profile next to it on the right.


As I mentioned about your influence score in duby show you how much, well influence you have in the community. This score changes based on how popular you are on dubies. This score is about to become more understand and user-friendly to everyone that will track your popularity on duby and let you see all the various factors that contribute to your score. So you will be able to better understand how you might increase your influence.


2phoneThere is also going to be some awards that are going to come out for users to uncover. The awards could be something like trending so many times, passed 10,000 duby and other random things like that. Although the users won’t know ahead of time what the awards are until the unlock them.  There is also going to be an update to the messaging system making it easier to use and store messages than before.

A new feature being added into duby is called: My Sesh. This allows you to see who on duby you interact with the most. I will be interested to see how this works and who interacts with me the most often.

duby messages are being updated. Allowing  you to be able to better communicate with other duby users with messages that don’t have a time limit. More like messages that you would see on instagram.

Starting next week duby will start the updates for  Iphone users will start to see the update and the following week Android. I am excited to see duby expand and improve as it gets more popular. I will let you all know what I think of the duby app once the updates have been completed. Doing a follow-up blog post with my reactions to the updates once they are implemented.

I am also excited as the map feature is coming back out soon. You will now be able to see again where in the world your dubies are spreading to. This was one of my person favorite features that has been missing for a little while and glad that duby decided to put back in. However, that is not going to be this update  series but will be coming back soon.

There is also a lot more options for duby gear now than there was when this app first came out. I remember when it was only stickers in a slap pack you could get. Now they have hats, shirts, hoodies, lighter covers and of course stickers. Someday soon I wish to get myself a duby hoodie. Check out the all duby gear available and use this link to get 10% off your first order using this link. http://i.refs.cc/04VDTaL5

Hope to see you on duby and remember to Pass the duby!

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Duby. The Must Have App


There is a new app that anyone who loves cannabis needs to download. Whether you are a medical cannabis patient or just someone who loves their herb—Duby is for you. Originally designed to be a competitor for Weedmaps until the true idea for Duby came to life.

With Duby, you post your cannabis related picture and you share it—the image is now called a Duby and it is ready to be passed along. What Duby does is shows your image to other people near you and to people that follow you. When people see your Duby they choose to pass it to people near them or to not pass it. This allows your Duby to go virial without even needing a large following. The more people that pass your Duby the further around the world it will spread. Like the beacons of Gondor your Duby will light up and travel across the world; or at least a good Duby will. The users decide what Dubys spread and the Dubys that don’t go anywhere.

One of the features that I really liked about Duby that sets them apart from the other cannabis social apps and websites is the metric given for influence. In fact Duby has two kinds of influence. One is the user’s influence this number goes up and down on a daily basis; it shows how relevant a Duby user is and how influential they are. This number goes between 0-100; the higher the number the more people that see their Dubys. This means that your personal influence number show in relative real time how relevant you are in the Duby community. The other influence number that you will see is on the Duby post themselves this number only goes up as more and more people view your Duby; this number is simply how many people have seen your Duby.  You can also check on a map to see how and where your Duby has spread over the globe. You can also check out what Dubys are trending, local, where posted recently or posted by the Top users and most influential.

With cannabis being controversial and illegal in many parts of the world Duby takes privacy into count. After speaking with Russ the creator of Duby who has a background in information security wanted the users of Duby to feel safe. While the Duby app does show the current city and country you are in this is to allow the app to work by spreading your Duby to people nearest to you. The location is anonymized for your safety. Meaning no one knows exactly where you are. (Unless the user discloses that themselves). Russ got into the cannabis industry after his son was able to use cannabis medicine to treat his Fragile X Syndrome and now Russ leads in research to get more information about Fragile X Syndrome and cannabis medicine; along with creating the Duby app. Learn more about Fragile X Syndrome at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fragile_X_syndrome.

Currently Duby is only available on IPhones but will be coming out with an Android version very soon. Apple was the proving grounds for the app and has become wildly successful in a short time since coming into the scene in April. Duby is going to stay in the mobile platforms and will not move onto a social website. But you can visit their website at www.Duby.co to download the app; find out what been trending, Duby news or to get help and don’t forget to pick up your free slap pack Duby stickers to show your Duby pride at https://www.duby.co/swag/.

Find me on Duby @fibroman and pass me a Duby. And don’t forget to…
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