What Does Entheogenic Mean?

When discussing my spiritual path and I tell people that I am an Entheogenic Pagan. Most understand what a Pagan is, or at least have a vague concept of what I’m talking about. However, only a few people know what the term entheogen means and I’m most often given a puzzled look and then the inevitable question what’s entheogenic mean? Even from within the Pagan community.

The term entheogenic is the adjective of the word entheogen. An entheogen is a psychedelic substance taken in a spiritual context, but this is deeper than just that. The word entheogen is Greek and means ”becoming divine within.” What this means is when someone takes an entheogen they get to have a first-hand spiritual experience of divinity. Historical entheogens have been used in many cultures. Such as the Indigenous Native Americas that use Peyote, the indigenous Siberian use of Amanita Muscaria mushroom, South American Indigenous tribes that use Ayahuasca and along with many, many more examples of Entheogens use as part of a spiritual practice.* Entheogens have had a major role in many cultures and religious practices.

For me personally, I use psilocybin mushrooms in my personal spiritual path. I can connect to mother earth herself, the spirits of the land, and become one with all of nature while meditating in the forest under the effects of my entheogen sacrament. Outside the spiritual benefits, I get with using these fungal allies; I also benefit from the positive effects on my mental health at helping keep my treatment-resistant depression in check.

Mush Love 🍄💚,

Marc the Maine Entheogenic Pagan

*For some more information about the entheogens I mentioned.

Use of Peyote in a spiritual context.

Use of Amanita Muscaria in a spiritual context.

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Use of Psilocybin Mushrooms in a spiritual context.