Cannabis News, Science and Opinions

There is lot of news about cannabis. Sometimes it can be good news like a state adding in a medicinal cannabis program or using cannabis to make concrete called hempcrete. Or it can be bad news that needs to be brought to the attention of the people like when a Marine was arrested and faced life in prison for growing cannabis to treat his PTSD. Regardless if it is good or bad news this is the place to read some of the things going on in the world of cannabis.

This is also a place where we can learn the newest in the Science of Cannabis as it progresses every day and as we learn about everything that this wonderful plant can do we cannot help but be astonished. Follow the latest in Cannabis Science.

Sometimes I will do opinion blog posts and I will also link them in here. Like when I stated why I thought Medical Cannabis Patients should support recreation cannabis.


  1. America spends 3 million to cure cannabis addiction
  2. Marine Uses Cannabis for PTSD Now Facing Life in Prison
  3. Update: On Marine Kris Lewandowski
  4. Big Alcohol Hates Cannabis
  5. Cannabis Refugees
  6. Great News for Veterans
  7. Veteran Organizations Centered around Cannabis
  8. DEA Announcements has Confirmed Contradictions
  9. Join the Talk to the Hand Movement
  10. Veterans for Safe Access and Compassionate Care
  11. House Republicans say, “No,” to Allowing Federal Study of Medical Marijuana
  12. Cannabis Now Legal in Oregon
  13. Ohio’s Cannabis Bill Failed; but Not because of Cannabis Itself
  14. CBD Soon to be Schedule 1
  15. Save CBD
  16. FibroMan looking for Guest Articles


  1. Cannabis can scare away nightmares
  2. Cannabis Makes You Cooler: Temperature
  3. New Study Confirms Cannabis is Healthy
  4. The Endocannabinod System
  5. What is Endocannabinod Deficiency


  1. Why Medicial Patients Should Support Recreational Cannabis
  2. Maine Question 1: Pro VS Cons

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