My Experience with Kambo

First, I’m sure not everyone knows what kambo is, The Psychedelic Times gave a really concise explanation that I’ll use, “Kambo is a substance that comes from frog secretion [Phyllomedusa bicolorand or Giant Monkey Tree Frog], for many indigenous cultures in the Amazon, this purgative, immunity-boosting medicine is very important. Known in Portuguese as the “vaccine of the forest,” it has also gained renown outside of the Amazon as a powerful treatment for chronic pain and drug dependence.” (Psychedelic Times) This medicine is harvested off the frogs and they are set free afterwards.

I arrived at the ceremony and the guide for the ritual gave us some more information about Kambo that I hadn’t known. It is important not to eat at least 6 hours before reviving the Kambo. It makes for a cleaner and easier purge. Luckily it had been 7, but typically it is preferred to wait 8. I knew there was going to be purging but that had not crossed my mind about the purge. I knew Kambo wasn’t one of the “fun” medicines.

The space, tools and people were all cleansed with a smudge of San Palo. Then gave those who were participating in the ritual 2 mason jars full of water. We were told we had to drink both jars in about 5 minutes. All the negative energy, toxins, and other bad shit your carrying around bonds with the water and then you purge it out.

Once you have finished you water or almost done it is time to have the gates or portals put into your skin. This is done by heating what looks similar to a thick incense stick to a coal at the end and then making a small burn in the skin to open up the first few layers of skin. As this was my first time I got 5 gates burned into my skin.

The Kambo was placed on only 1 gate at first to see how I would react to it. I was told while pretty rare, some people pass out on their first time. After about 30 second the rest of the portals where covered in Kambo.

The effects of Kambo are almost immediately felt. I felt a rush of energy rise up in my body. Until it reach my head and crown chakra. I could feel the energy pulsating and I felt an immense feeling of Zen. Afterwards I was told the Zen feeling with this medicine usually is something people don’t feel on their first time.

The moment of Zen passed and I started to feel the queasiness and the urge to purge. Although, I was having issues getting it up. I was dry heaving. And only purged a small amount of the water in my gut with a small amount of bile. Sweat pouring down my face, snot oozing out my nose and some purging but not much. After 20 mins the Kambo was removed.

After the medicine is removed you are suppose to start feeling better pretty quickly. I, however, was still super queasy. I laid down on the mat and I was told that not everyone fully purges some people hold on to it and end up purging out the other end later that day. Not the end I was hoping purge from to be honest.

I laid there recovering from the experience. 10-15 minutes later I had a delayed purged and it was huge. Thick yellow bile had infused all the negative shit I was carry around and I had released it. I told that was one of the longest delayed purges they had seen. Then 10 minutes later I purged a bunch more water out with a little more bile. And corrected themselves saying, no that’s the most delayed purge they’d seen.

Now that I had actually purged. I was starting to feel a lot better. Besides feeling really really cold. This had been an intense experience and needed to sit with it to process it. 

The next day. My face still felt slightly puffy from the swelling that happens in the face from the medicine, but overall I was feeling really good. I felt uplifted, lighter and a deep sense of inner peace. But the thing that really knocked my socks off was how little pain I was in from my Fibromyalgia. In the whole day I smoked 3 joints and had 1 dab. That’s little amount would normally only last me a few hours at best. Today same thing. I am smoking much less cannabis to control my pain. It’s kinda mind blowing.

Now it only been two days since I had Kambo, but this medicine has some powerful things to show us and I am still fully processing this long conversation I had with this Amazonian tree frog, but the wisdom of the frog is already showing fruits.

Mush Love 🍄💚,



Psychedelic Times Kambo Article

January Trip Report

With this trip I tried a new method of ingestion with this trip along with taking a larger dose than my typical dose. I took 5grams soaked in lemon juice then brewed into a tea. Compared to the 3 grams I normally take dried and whole. The idea behind using lemon juice to soak the mushrooms in is to make the trip hit sooner, harder, faster and it also can make the trip shorter; this technique being called lemon tech. This method also lends to also have less upset stomach and stomach gurgles. With this trip I also enlisted a friend to be my trip sitter as I had not done a dose this high before.

To prep from my trip I go through various personal rituals. For my trip I had my trip sitter play Faun station on random. I rolled 3 joints in case I needed or wanted them. Set aside my two booster does of 1 gram each. I pull a animal guide card from one of my two animal oracle decks. This time I pulled the Eagle as a guide. I mediated on the eagle asking for guidance in my journey work. I also mediated with the mushrooms I was taking, talking with the mushrooms to give them my intent for my trip and asked guide me on my trip. After that I ground up my dose and soaked it in lemon juice for 10 mins. Then poured hot water over the lemon mushroom paste. Covered and let steep for 15 minutes. I was curious how a tea reading would come out using the ground mushrooms, so I didn’t strain the cup.

Using my skills as an apprentice in Tasseography, I could see hearth (A wood/pellet stove), three entities that post trip I believe actually was the three phases of my trip, and the top of the cup was a ring. The inside of the cup looked like someone popped the top off a house and you were looking inside it.

Like most trips, I had pre-trip jitters, although more intense than normal like do to increased dose and new method. Even though I also had a sitter. The jitters lasted through my entire prep and did not stop having the jitters until I was finished drinking my tea. At that point I was strapped in and waiting for the rollercoaster ride, so no more need for the jitters I already drank the tea and could stop the ride now.

After about 20 minutes after finishing my tea I could start to feel the effects of the mushrooms start to kick in. Lemon tech definitely kicks in sooner making the waiting for come up half as long as just eating the just the dried mushrooms. This method work by converting Psilocybin into Psilocin giving your body less work to do as you body normally has to do this conversion.

I was intending to go lay down in my bed with an eye mask on for this trip. Compared to my normal trips in the woods. However, once I started coming up and I felt loose I sat on the floor and did some stretching a few yoga poses. Eventually, siting in a lotus like position on the floor feeling like I rooted into the ground. Feeling that deep spiritual connection with Mother Earth feeling her love and this was the felt throughout my trip. I started to take deep full breaths in and out. Feeling the oxygen fill my lungs and my whole body. It felt really good and questioned if I really ever breathed before in my life as it never felt this good or so fulfilling. I’m going to need to look deeper into some breath-works.

The first phase was once full emerged into my mediation I no longer perceived my body as a body. I had become the atoms of my body. I am billions and billions atom floating collectively near each other, but with still lots of empty space between each of them. The sensation of feeling all the atoms as well as the empty space was blissful. I have no idea how long I floated there. Until a voice the sounded deep and a million miles away started talking to me. My sitter asked me if I wanted to lay in bed. I’m good, I said and went back to mediating. Back to perceiving the space between my atoms. My own liminal space within myself.

I opened my eyes at some point and started my second phase of my trip. I asked my sitter to pass me my joints and my first 1 gram booster as my roots didn’t want me to move along with changing the music to the “Psychedelic Therapy- Nordic Juice” playlist on Spotify. After lighting my joint and smoking it I started to get mesmerized by the iridescent light that reflected off the smoke. It was like the smoke was producing a rainbow shimmering light. I also started to make smoke circle even though I’m not good at them. I also could start to see various shapes being made by the smoke. Seeing things like a mermaid shape in the smoke.  It was like diving in the smoke. And give me the joke of saying the key to smoke tricks is to take mushrooms first. I smoked two joints over unknown time frame amazed by what the smoke revealed. I should also note I did have to test my ability to walk twice while smoking as I had to go pee.

The third phase started with me getting mesmerized by the birds coming to the bird feeder at the window. Watching them along with the cat. And I started to massage my feet. I had been sitting in that one spot now basically for several hours and my feet were sweaty. I also felt warm. Then started to feel hot. I closed by eye to start mediating and I embodied Fire. I am Fire. Just radiating heat. This feeling burnt up and quickly as it came on and my mediation ended. I took my last 1 gram booster after that and had my sitter change the music to the Omnia.

My trip start to wind down at this point. I was feeling really good. My pain level was still low and was just happy being.

This trip pulled me out of a depressive episode I started to feel myself going down. The clouds of despair, hopelessness and apathy had started to fog my vision. After taking the mushrooms, the days brightened and cleared the clouds from the skies of my own mental health. Along with the deepening spiritual connection to the earth and the mushroom guides she send to teach her students.

While some of the trip I was able to put into words much of it is still ineffable and all the words of our reality have yet to create words adequate enough to describe the feelings you get from a first hand spiritual experience and the feeling of love you get when Mother Earth makes their love for you felt.

My Historical Reenactment Persona

TaranosMorbetOver the last year, I have been getting into historical reenactment with the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA). As part of that, I had to come up with a persona to reenact. For me, I wanted to take on a persona of a historical Pagan. The period range to choose from that the SCA reenacts is 600-1600 C.E. I choose a Pictish Persona from the early part of the 7th century named Taranos Morbet. I still have work to do with my Garb and other supplies needed, but this is a blast to do.

The description of my persona as listed on the East Kingdom Wiki:

Taranos Morbet was born 580CE in Northern Alba (modern-day Scotland) to one of the women in the matrilineal royal line. This alone doesn’t guarantee Taranos will ever be king, but he is amongst the men whose mothers bear potential Kings for the Picts to choose their kings from. Like most Pictish men in the royal line, his father was a foreigner outside the Pict tribes. His father was a respected warrior from amongst the Viking.

As an adult Taranos joined the Pictish scouts and can often be found somewhere in the wilderness. He is also amongst the people of the Picts that still practices the old ways in rebellion to those of foreigner religion that has started to take hold of his people. Taranos is a devout druid of the Picts and the ways of his people and is learning to be a Seer as a member of the soothsayers guild.

Taranos was amongst the Picts scouts that found the invader Donnán of Eigg on April 17, 617 CE on a mission to convert the Picts to Christianity. The Queen of the Picts ordered the invader and his 150 men to be decapitated and burned as they threaten the Pictish way of life. Donnán of Eigg people would later make him a saint of their religion for his attempt at destroying the Pictish ways.

Let me know what you think of my persona so far. I’m still pretty new to all the stuff in the SCA and always wanting to learn more. If you want to look at the official wiki page for my persona check out Taranos Morbet’s official wiki page.

Mush Love 🍄💚,
Marc the Maine Entheogenic Pagan

What Does Entheogenic Mean?

When discussing my spiritual path and I tell people that I am an Entheogenic Pagan. Most understand what a Pagan is, or at least have a vague concept of what I’m talking about. However, only a few people know what the term entheogen means and I’m most often given a puzzled look and then the inevitable question what’s entheogenic mean? Even from within the Pagan community.

The term entheogenic is the adjective of the word entheogen. An entheogen is a psychedelic substance taken in a spiritual context, but this is deeper than just that. The word entheogen is Greek and means ”becoming divine within.” What this means is when someone takes an entheogen they get to have a first-hand spiritual experience of divinity. Historical entheogens have been used in many cultures. Such as the Indigenous Native Americas that use Peyote, the indigenous Siberian use of Amanita Muscaria mushroom, South American Indigenous tribes that use Ayahuasca and along with many, many more examples of Entheogens use as part of a spiritual practice.* Entheogens have had a major role in many cultures and religious practices.

For me personally, I use psilocybin mushrooms in my personal spiritual path. I can connect to mother earth herself, the spirits of the land, and become one with all of nature while meditating in the forest under the effects of my entheogen sacrament. Outside the spiritual benefits, I get with using these fungal allies; I also benefit from the positive effects on my mental health at helping keep my treatment-resistant depression in check.

Mush Love 🍄💚,

Marc the Maine Entheogenic Pagan

*For some more information about the entheogens I mentioned.

Use of Peyote in a spiritual context.•-independent-projects/peyote-in-native-american-traditions/

Use of Amanita Muscaria in a spiritual context.

Use of Ayahysaca in a spiritual context.

Use of Psilocybin Mushrooms in a spiritual context.

Rebranding My Blog

It has been some time since I have blogged. I’ve decided that I am going to rebrand this blog to include a broader scope of the things that effect my life. My current domain name of Fibroman will run out in April of 2020. After that it is going to revert to  This will also be how my blog will be titled and promoted as soon as I redesign it.

So what does that mean for my readers?

Well, I am still going to blog about cannabis of course, but I will also be expanding my discussion to various entheogenic plants and substances. Many of you will know them as psychedelics.

Outside of the plant allies that I will be discussing, I will also be discussing some of my spirituality as a modern day Pagan.

Reflections, After Legalizing Cannabis for Adult Use in Maine.

Maine voted on legalizing cannabis for all adults in the state of Maine on Nov. 8, 2016 and while we have yet to implement any retail locations for Mainer to purchase their cannabis besides established Medical Patients who can purchase cannabis from the many dispensaries around. With more popping up in anticipation of eventual implementation of our adult use cannabis laws. Why we don’t have them yet is a long story but it boils down to one basic fact.

Maine-Governor-Vetoes-Bill-to-Regulate-Sale-and-Tax-on-Adult-Use-Marijuana-facebook Our Governor Paul Lepage has been the major Road block to enacting the law that we voted on. The bill has been butchered and several thing have been taken away from Mainers. Including a reduction in plant count and the elimination of cannabis social clubs for example. Maine is now going to be a better place as he is leaving office at the end of this year and hopefully with his departure the road block to retail sales will be lifted.

There has also been a shift in the acceptability of cannabis use in public. As someone who has needed to use cannabis in public to manage my pain where it felt I still had to really hide it to what it is now. As long as you are being respectful and not smoking at the entrance of a store or in a crowded area, people just don’t care anymore. Really the way it should be. This also makes it easier to share with people. For example after I got my dogs nails trimmed and buffed I saw his groomer outside vaping so we shared I joint I was about to smoke. Or the appliance delivery guys that came to my house I shared a bowl with. It’s like offering someone some tea when they are at your house. It’s only polite.

This does not mean everyone loves cannabis now. I still run into people: who don’t like it, or don’t use it, or don’t fully approve of cannabis, or believe the old stereotypes, but they are not as vocal as they once would have been and a few that are still stuck in the reefer madness area of thought, but they are few and father in-between.

Overall, I have to say that cannabis is in Maine is pretty widely accepted and that is a really good feeling.

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420 Canceled Early


The Compassionate Caregivers Of Maine also know as CCM decided to hold a 420 event this year. They rented the American Legion in Gardiner Maine and informed them it was going to be a 420 cannabis event for legal card carrying medical patients and that cannabis use would happen outside on the premise in a designated smoking/vaping tent. Along with having a few vendors. All of this was approved before the event was to take place. Or so we thought…

I should up early to the event to help lend a hand. In the vape tent there was an Ice sculpted dab rig and that thing hit amazing. Mad props to subzero ice sculpting. That thing was amazing. Although it did not last long the metal table it sat on was at a slight angle and in the direct sunlight. It slide off the table while our backs were turned. There was some amazing infused cotton candy.


Shortly after the CCM 420 event was scheduled to start the bartender showed up. Realize it was a cannabis event where there was edibles and people smoking cannabis on the property. She had some moral abjection to cannabis people and called the police. Who never showed by the way. But they did call the Company Commander of the American legion. Who basically had the event canceled. So it is okay to drink poison but not okay to use plant biased medicine. Strange that the legion would approve the event and then turn around and do this. I am not happy with the legion and they will hear from me.

Maine has had legal medical cannabis since 1999 that is almost 20 years now and we have had legal adult use laws since 2016,  but still waiting on retail regulations. Today we really got to see where we are in our regulations. We may have legal cannabis use but we are not quite at the point of being able to hold cannabis events in Maine. And that is a shame.