About FibroMan

Hello, I am FibroMan. I am a cannabis: scholar, educator, blogger, writer, patient and advocate. I started this blog in 2014 to help me spread cannabis knowledge as I learned more about cannabis myself. I grew up ignorant to what cannabis was and what it could do for people and the world.

Want to learn how cannabis transformed and saved my life?  Read my story, How Cannabis Saved my life. You can also read my other article, What Cannabis Made Me Loose (In the good way).

I am currently in the process of writing two books. The first one I need your help with. I am collecting stories from people who use cannabis medically. This book will be an anthology  called Cannabis sop for the soul with my article with the same title is a call for submissions. Read the call for submissions Cannabis Soup for the Soul. Email me your story at VenerableScholar@gmail.com with the subject line Cannabis Soup.

I am also working on is a children’s education book that is going to be an aid for medical cannabis patients to explain cannabis to their children. Currently I am looking for an artist to collaborate with on this. Interested in helping? Email me at VenerableScholar@gmail.com with the subject line Interested Artist.

I worked on a experiment with organic pest management. The organic part was that I was using praying mantis and using no other pesticides. The first article Organic Pest Management System and the follow-up article, Follow Up on Mantis as Pest Control.

I wrote an article on how to set goals titled: “Reclaim You Life: How to set your goals and achieve them.”

Learn how I plan on doing more for the cannabis community with FibroMan’s New Years Goals.

Help me make improvements to FibroMan.com

And like I say at the end of all my blog posts:
“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


11 thoughts on “About FibroMan

    1. Praguepot: what we really need to do is insight change. We need to make a difference; educate the people. Make it so were we live around the world that our governments listen and change our world for the better. That is part of why I started this blog and why I am writing a book. Even if we do something small each it will add up to something larger than life.


  1. Hi! I am a journalist looking into possibilities on a radio feature about pain management and marijuana – I’d really like to talk with you. If you email me at mette*****@******.com, I will tell you more!

    All the best,


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  3. You are just a lazy, drain on society loser with a fake illness that wants to get high and fat. And your writing skills are absolutely atrocious.


    1. Now that you have attacked a disabled veteran online do you feel better about yourself?
      Is that what you do to get your jollies off by going online and attacking people with disabilities…
      Congratulations, you are an internet troll.


  4. No just fat lazy losers like yourself. You must have discovered spell check because amazingly you can understand this post Unlike most of your uninformed drivel! I think its hilarious you lost your free ride off the rest of us! Lol!


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