My Experience with Kambo

First, I’m sure not everyone knows what kambo is, The Psychedelic Times gave a really concise explanation that I’ll use, “Kambo is a substance that comes from frog secretion [Phyllomedusa bicolorand or Giant Monkey Tree Frog], for many indigenous cultures in the Amazon, this purgative, immunity-boosting medicine is very important. Known in Portuguese as the “vaccine of the forest,” it has also gained renown outside of the Amazon as a powerful treatment for chronic pain and drug dependence.” (Psychedelic Times) This medicine is harvested off the frogs and they are set free afterwards.

I arrived at the ceremony and the guide for the ritual gave us some more information about Kambo that I hadn’t known. It is important not to eat at least 6 hours before reviving the Kambo. It makes for a cleaner and easier purge. Luckily it had been 7, but typically it is preferred to wait 8. I knew there was going to be purging but that had not crossed my mind about the purge. I knew Kambo wasn’t one of the “fun” medicines.

The space, tools and people were all cleansed with a smudge of San Palo. Then gave those who were participating in the ritual 2 mason jars full of water. We were told we had to drink both jars in about 5 minutes. All the negative energy, toxins, and other bad shit your carrying around bonds with the water and then you purge it out.

Once you have finished you water or almost done it is time to have the gates or portals put into your skin. This is done by heating what looks similar to a thick incense stick to a coal at the end and then making a small burn in the skin to open up the first few layers of skin. As this was my first time I got 5 gates burned into my skin.

The Kambo was placed on only 1 gate at first to see how I would react to it. I was told while pretty rare, some people pass out on their first time. After about 30 second the rest of the portals where covered in Kambo.

The effects of Kambo are almost immediately felt. I felt a rush of energy rise up in my body. Until it reach my head and crown chakra. I could feel the energy pulsating and I felt an immense feeling of Zen. Afterwards I was told the Zen feeling with this medicine usually is something people don’t feel on their first time.

The moment of Zen passed and I started to feel the queasiness and the urge to purge. Although, I was having issues getting it up. I was dry heaving. And only purged a small amount of the water in my gut with a small amount of bile. Sweat pouring down my face, snot oozing out my nose and some purging but not much. After 20 mins the Kambo was removed.

After the medicine is removed you are suppose to start feeling better pretty quickly. I, however, was still super queasy. I laid down on the mat and I was told that not everyone fully purges some people hold on to it and end up purging out the other end later that day. Not the end I was hoping purge from to be honest.

I laid there recovering from the experience. 10-15 minutes later I had a delayed purged and it was huge. Thick yellow bile had infused all the negative shit I was carry around and I had released it. I told that was one of the longest delayed purges they had seen. Then 10 minutes later I purged a bunch more water out with a little more bile. And corrected themselves saying, no that’s the most delayed purge they’d seen.

Now that I had actually purged. I was starting to feel a lot better. Besides feeling really really cold. This had been an intense experience and needed to sit with it to process it. 

The next day. My face still felt slightly puffy from the swelling that happens in the face from the medicine, but overall I was feeling really good. I felt uplifted, lighter and a deep sense of inner peace. But the thing that really knocked my socks off was how little pain I was in from my Fibromyalgia. In the whole day I smoked 3 joints and had 1 dab. That’s little amount would normally only last me a few hours at best. Today same thing. I am smoking much less cannabis to control my pain. It’s kinda mind blowing.

Now it only been two days since I had Kambo, but this medicine has some powerful things to show us and I am still fully processing this long conversation I had with this Amazonian tree frog, but the wisdom of the frog is already showing fruits.

Mush Love 🍄💚,



Psychedelic Times Kambo Article

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