Sorry for the lack of post the last few weeks. My wife back has herniated and I have not been actively reading or researching anything during these last few weeks. Instead been focused on helping her however I can. 

I do still have on deck to finish reading and reviewing Chris Bennetts book, “Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible.” And will focus on reading that again when I am able to find the time to read. 

I also have recently gotten some hygrometers to test the humidity of my curing jars. I am working on testing, and calibrating the meters and will be doing a future post on how to do that and why you even need or want to use a hygrometer in cure. 

I’m also planning on doing a post about my experience with cannabis seed banks. Along with a post about my new areoponic king cloner and how well it works. I have not used it yet, but excited to see how it works.

So as you can see I do have many ideas of some posts that will be coming up. I just need more time and energy to accomplish it all. 

Until next time, 

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


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