How to Clean Your Banger

If you use dabs then you have some kind of rig to dab with and if you use the banger style you can see that it can get pretty dirty fairly quick. In this short blog I am going to talk about how to keep the banger clean longer and how to clean it easy when it needs it.


First, in your smoking spot or in your smoking kit add some Q-tips to the area. A few dampened Q-tips wiped on the inside of the banger after you dab will help collect some of the left overs that can crud up the banger. This will make it so you don’t need to clean it as often. Low temp dabs also make cleaning the banger something¬† that is not needed as often.


When the banger does become pretty dirty looking you can clean it with fire. If you have a decent torch you can use it to burn off all the crud. The flame can come back out of the banger so make sure it is not coming out to much as this can burn you if you are not careful. When completed it will make the banger look pretty good and use can use a metal dabber to scrap off some of the crud to help as well and finish off with a wet Q-tip to collect the any left overs. Repeat as need until clean. You will need to focus the flame on all parts of the inside of the banger and can take a few minutes. In my comparison shot above my thermal banger was cleaned this way.

If you are a perfectionist and want the banger super clean you can use some acetone to clean it further. However if you do this make sure that the banger is not hot. Repeat don’t use acetone on a hot banger. Acetone is flammable and will ignite if the banger is over the flash point. Also you will want to rinse out the banger very well, as you don’t want any acetone left over in the banger. Yuck, to the taste and also don’t want it igniting. Also remember when cleaning with fire that things are getting very hot. Use common sense and safety precautions.

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