Ultra Sour Diesel Strain Review

usd1To review this strain, I had a cone joint of Ultra Sour Diesel (USD) and it was quite amazing honestly. Prior to smoking this joint I was having a higher fibromyalgia pain day with my pain starting off the day at around an 8 on a 10 scale for pain; with a low level of energy. Lethargic and fatigued would be the best way to describe my energy level. I had been doing to much lately and have been paying for it.

After lighting up this cone joint you could taste the a mellow pine flavor with a fuel after taste that comes with most diesel strains, but milder so not to be over bearing; like sucking on a tail pipe, unlike other diesel strains I have tried. While smoking ultra sour diesel it is smooth and with little to no coughing, even with long deep drags. About half way through the joint I could feel my muscles started to relax and my pain started to melt into the background to the point that, after I finished the joint my pain had dropped down to a 4 on a 10 scale. There is definitely an energy boost that comes with smoking Ultra Sour Diesel. After I was finished smoking it was like drinking an espresso or two. I became energized—ready to face the day and get some things done. (Like Writing this review.)

usd2Ultra Sour Diesel seems to be the prefect balance between Indica and Sativa hybrid as it has a powerful long lasting pain reliving properties and gives you a nice energy boost that allows you to get things done. I very much hope to be able to get my hand on this strain again.

On a scale between 1-5 I give Ultra Sour Diesel a 5; good to the last toke.

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