Book Review: Cannabinoids and Terpenes: The Medicinal Benefit of Cannabis

candtThe book “Cannabinoids and Terpenes: The Medicinal Benefit of Cannabis,” by Ryder Management Inc. I have been wanting to learn a more in-depth about specific cannabinoids and terpenes. This book did not live up to my hopes.

The author is not credited more than Ryder Management Inc and what we do know about them  is they are a cannabis patient that was able to treat their cancer using RSO.

I have two biggest issues with the book. Firstly, all the images in the book are from low quality sources and are distorted by being enlarged. The graphics have good information on them, but the quality make the whole book appear less credible. This can by showing the chemical map of cannabinoids in the introduction of the book next to the text of the book. It is barely legible and fuzzy. While it is one of the smallest images in the book it is also stretched to large.  Another page where they are showing lab results this time with the graphics taking up most of the page compared to the text at the bottom.


The second and biggest issue with the book is that there are fewer pages dedicated to Cannabinoids and Terpenes than there are of other semi related content. This book has 31 pages and does it not really start talking about specifics about cannabinoids and terpenes until page 17 and quickly spots at page 24, then it has the conclusion, ads for other Ryder Management Inc books. and some other content assorted.

This book only being 31 page and only around 7 pages really detailed around the topic of  specifically Cannabinoids and Terpenes like the title would suggest. This book has some good general information and could be called one patients discussion on cannabis, testing methods, and some general information about cannabinoids and terpenes; however the topic of the book is nowhere near being specifically detailed about terpenes or cannabinoids. Definitely would not recommend spending money on this book if you are looking for detailed information on cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids. Overall the book looks and reads unprofessional.

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