I have put together the stories for “Cannabis Soup for the Soul,” and now working on introducing each story. I am also working on editing for spelling and grammar. Once I have my draft fix and I am happy with it; I will be looking in more detail about what my publishing options are. Stay tuned for more about that.

18596526_1744706442212368_1467900042_oI have also been working on learning more about the WordPress platform and blogging in general.

I have come to realized that I have not been utilizing WordPress to the fullest.  My way of thinking about websites was rooted in the very basics of web-design that I learned almost two decades ago and never kept up with the changing platform. My way of thinking is out of date and I have been doing it the hard way for a some time now.

I had been primary concerned with the content about cannabis I wanted to share and not the platform I was using.  I am going to be updating my blog and slowly you should start to see some changes that will make things easier to navigate my website.

I am hoping to better utilize categories and tags as they are not detailed enough with the default catigory being cannabis. Hey at least I did update it to not be uncategorized the standard default. Once the categories and tags are updated then I can start to add widgets and plug-ins that can use the updated categories and tags. This should help reach more people and make finding the cannabis knowledge they are looking for easier.

As always,

Spread Cannabis Knowledge!

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