Hospitals with Reefer Madness

h2There is something very wrong with the main stream medical perception on cannabis in some regions of our country. Sometimes this is in direct opposition to the current successful establishment of medical and/or adult use cannabis laws. What I am talking about is something that can effect almost anyone and that is the need for an organ transplant. My state of Maine has both a medical marijuana program and adult use laws. As one of my previous article on Garry Godfrey illustrated is if you need an organ and are a legal medical patient then you will be denied being allowed on the transplant list.

r.pngThis is not an isolated event. In Utah a man, Riley Hancey age 20 was not a medical patient and had only smoked cannabis with a few friends over Thanksgiving break. Tragically in December he suffered case of pneumonia that turned into a rare lung infection. This infection caused him to need double lung transplant. The hospital ran a drug test and found trace amounts of THC in his system from when he smoked over Thanksgiving and this disqualified him from getting any organ transplant at the University Hospital of Utah it was, “according to its policy, does not transplant organs in patients with “active alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drug use or dependencies,” spokeswoman Kathy Wilets said at the time.

Here is the problem. If he would have drank over Thanksgiving the alcohol would not have been detectable by December. For that matter if he would have done any number of the hard drugs they also would not have been detectable in his system after that long of a period of time had passed. Cannabis has the unique characteristic to stay detectable in a mammals system much longer than other substances because every mammal has an endo-cannabinod system and this systems keeps cannabinoids in you system longer because you body creates natural endo(internal) cannabinoids and ingesting cannabis introduces ecto-cannabinods that work with the endocannabinod system. The endo in edno-cannabinoid means internal and the ecto in ecto-cannabinod means external and these terms are used to differentiate where the cannabinods source is.  Unlike alcohol and other drugs that your body sees as a toxin to be flushed out as soon as possible.

Riley Hancey stayed at Utah hospital until in March he had been accepted to University of Pennsylvania hospital would accept him as a patient and do his transplant and had the procedure done March 29th. Unfortunately Riley had complications from the surgery and passed away on April 22, 2017. Maybe, just maybe if he had not been required to stay 68 days in Utah in intensive care because they would not do his life saving procedure then maybe Riley would have had a better chance to survive his surgery.r3.png

Policy at the hospitals regardless of what state they reside in should not have policies that reflect Anslinger’s Reeffer Madness. You life should not be in danger because you used cannabis. The plant is not a toxic substance. Yet, hospitals can treat you like a metaphorical leper that can be shunned without guilt because you used cannabis. How is this okay? Why is this acceptable? One thing is clear this needs to change.

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