The VA is Anti-Medical Cannabis

The Veteran’s administration is part of the federal government and it is not surprising that they want to follow federal laws. There has been lots of talk over the last few years about if the VA could recommend cannabis in medically approved states, or if using cannabis would prevent veterans from getting medical care at the VA, or even if veterans would loose their benefits if they used cannabis.

As a veteran and a medical cannabis patient this is something that has concerned me for a while. The VA does not look at cannabis as medicine even when it is legally prescribed as such. Myself I could not keep using the VA for my medical care when they would not recognize my medicine. How could I have a real conversation with my doctor if we never talked about the medicine that was working  best for me instead of the pills they wanted to push on me. Note to mention the myriad of other issues the VA has.

However, I still keep tabs on how my fellow veterans are being treated at the VA. A buddy of mine went to his routine appointment and before they would refill his Ambien Rx (a sleeping medication), he was told he had to sign a form and initial the 18 bullet points. This authorized the VA to randomly drug test you even call you up for an unscheduled appointment to have a drug test (This was bullet point #4), and when you flip to the back it says on number 17: “I will  not use any medications or substances that are not sanctioned by the Veterans Administration (i.e, illegal substances, medical marijuana/THC, or Alcohol) while on controlled medication.”


This form was given to a veteran in Maine a state that approved medical cannabis in 1999  and as of January legal for ALL adults 21 years or older have the freedom to use cannabis as they see fit. Unless you are a veteran; then your freedom and rights do not matter. There is a reason that veteran suicides are on average 22 a day on average, the VA gives us shitty care!

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”



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