Taxes Due on Illegal Cannabis

No I am not talking about the Marijuana Tax act of 1937. This is a modern-day tax on cannabis along with other illegal substances.

Did you know in 20 US states that you are required to buy a tax stamp for your cannabis? These taxes are called everything from the Crack tax, Drug Tax, and Marijuana Tax; along with others. The stamp are required to be attached to the container that will contain the illegal drugs. There are requirements to pay different taxes for different drugs like cannabis, cocaine, meth, steroids and yes even moonshine.


Because if you are going to sell or use an illegal drug you still must pay your taxes on it? Some states have deemed it a violation of your right to not self-incriminate covered under the 5th amendment others that it is unconstitutional to require a stamp tax on an illegal item. While other states have kept these stamp taxes on the books.


The sole aim to these laws is to add additional punishments and penalties to the already illegal act of selling drugs. These include charges of tax evasion and come with a varied list of consequence most commonly charge at least 200% of the evaded tax and can come with additional time to a conviction. “Getting caught with drugs without a tax stamp comes with a possible penalty of as much as five years in prison, a $10,000 fine and double the taxable amount of any seized drugs,” said Deepa Buss, spokeswoman for the Nebraska Department of Revenue.

You may have already guessed that the purchase of these Tax Stamps is not common and Lincoln criminal defense attorney Kirk Naylor said, “he’d never heard of anyone avoiding the drug tax stamp violation by actually having the proper stamps attached to a container of marijuana.”

So, why do we have these laws and taxes that are only used as a means of punishment and coercion of possible punishment? Shouldn’t we have just laws, not ones aim at coercion and intimidation.  This also has me wondering what other things might require tax stamps with the same intent.

One thing is absolutely sure. These Stamp Taxes need to go. They are only used to add additional charges to someone and not for the intent collecting taxes.

If you home state is one of the ones on the map that has a Marijuana tax stamp. Write to your local representatives and tell them that you do not want a tax stamp on illegal substances.

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


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