Beyond Buds Book Review

Cannabis can be used in many ways and can be used in the plant form and most likely the most used way is the smoke that plant typically the buds of the female plant. This is old news for most. What about the ways to cannabis that are Beyond Buds?


New users to cannabis may not know exactly what is beyond buds like more season cannabis users that already knows about kief and hash along with dabbing, edibles and more. Enter the book Beyond Buds by Ed Rosenthal the Guru of .

Beyond Buds starts by over the basics and is a good review for even the knowledgeable person. Then moves into talking about kief with a little about the history of the term and moves along to various ways to extract kief from cannabis bud, trim and leaves. This includes manual screens, dry ice extraction and water hash and some advance hash making. Including several step by step.

The chapter on vaporizers while it had some basic information about how vaporizers work it was more a chapter of advertisements for various vapes.

Beyond Buds on dabbing is an essential chapter of this book. Dabbing I think is one of the most misunderstood parts about cannabis world. Many are unsure of what to make of it since the media called it the dabs the “crack” of weed. Ed Rosenthal put it better saying, dabs are more like the espresso of pot. Beyond Buds also goes over the various ways to use dabs with the various equipment needed to dab and is like the vaporize chapter a mix of ads for that gear too. It also lays out some of the different kind of dabs out there like BHO, shatter, wax and others Including Clear that I suspect is a distillate and HBC dab. This is kind of interesting and never heard of this myself. HBC uses a hyperbolic chamber (the one used on divers that have the bends) to extract the cannabinods.

After the basics on dabs, Beyond Buds talks about how to make dabs. There is a chapter specifically on Butane Extractions (BHO) and CO2 extractions oddly Rosen is missing. Between CO2 and Butane the comparison I got way:

Butane is more dangerous to use. Safety Precautions Required. The equipment for butane extraction is way cheaper (Butane will cost $500-$1000 to set up. CO2 several thousand and can easily cost up to 10 thousand). Butane is more effective at extraction process. The equipment for butane won’t need extensive training to use whereas CO2 equipment will require significant training.  Butane must be purged almost completely less than 500 ppm ideally and CO2 does not require this and is considered cleaner because of this, but purging is part of the equipment setup for butane so if done correctly should have a low ppm butane.

While Beyond Buds does not recommend making dabs with butane they do explain in great detail how to do it if a few different ways; along with what safety measures to take to do it safely. If you choose to make your own dabs and use butane make sure you use all safety precautions and never cut corners.

Then Beyond Buds ends with the basics on making tinctures, edibles, and topical uses of cannabis that if you wanted to expand into using cannabis in any of those ways this book is a good place to start to learn more about those methods. It even covers a little bit about terpenes, but not enough.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. While I felt that there are definitely more ads in here than I would have preferred. I can also see the use of them as well as they expose you to some of the various companies making the gear and equipment to help you go beyond buds and if that is something you have not been exposed to these ads can help you with that and they are not distracting like many ads. This book is certainly a great place to start if you are thinking you want to go beyond your buds.

In Appendix 4 is the list of all the sources that went into making this book and there are now several of those books and scientific articles on my to-read list now. I personally love when these books cite sources. This way you can do your own follow up to the information they provided.

And of course as always,

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”

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