FibroMan’s New Years Goals

2016 was a hard year for me. Many things happened and I was not as active on here as I would have hoped to be.

However 2017 is a whole new year as they say and I am making some goals.

1. I am going to post more. My thought is that I will post every week. This might be as simple as a status update saying what research I am currently working on. Or my actuall article on a topic.

2. I am going to set up some reminders on my phone to remind me to post my weekly post and a monthly one to quickly update the website page categories with relivent blog articles posted from the previous month.

3. Do more cannabis research. I have gotten several cannabis books for x-mas and have a few still unread on my shelf due to the craziness of 2016. (Expect several book reviews in 2017)

4. Look into options for expanding. More to come on that latter.

And of course as always,

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


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