Save CBD

Save CBD from becoming  schedule 1 Drug. Write to Michael J. Lewis who is the Point of contact on DEA docket No. 342 Establishment of a New Drug Code for Marihuana Extract. As this will make all cannabinoids schedule 1 effective 01/13/2017.

Below is a sample letter you can copy and print to send. Don’t let CBD medicine become another useful medication prohibited for use by the general population.

Spread Cannabis Knowledge!



Michael J. Lewis, Diversion Control Division, Drug Enforcement Administration8701 Morrissette DriveSpringfield, Virginia 22152

RE: DEA Docket No. 342 Establishment of a New Drug Code for Marihuana Extract

Dear DEA Federal Register Representative Michael J. Lewis,

With the new ruling taking effect on 01/13/2017 making all “Marihuana Extracts” a schedule 1 substance regardless if they have psychoactive substances in them or not leads to many questions. What is the potential of abuse on a substance that cannot get anyone any kind of high, so why would the DEA make it a schedule 1 substance? Most of these cannabis extracts have the cannabinoid (CBD) that is used for many medical reasons and since a schedule 1 substance must both have no medical value and have a potential for abuse. It baffles many people that the DEA would classify a substance with great medical value and no potential for abuse as a schedule 1 drug.

With the fact that Cannabidiol (CBD) cannot by any stretch of the imagination fit the definition of a schedule 1 substance, so I ask you to revoke DEA docket No. 342.


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