Infusing Cannabis into Oil or Butter

I personally prefer coconut oil. Why coconut oil? That answer is simple. Coconut oil is 100% fat, whereas butter is around 60% and even clarified butter is only 80% and cannabinoids bond to fat. Therefor coconut oil will have more cannabinoids per serving that using butter and many other oils. I should also note that coconut oil will work in any recipe that requires butter or an oil so it is extremely versatile and coconut oil contains healthier fats.

The method I use to infuse coconut oil can also be used to infuse butter or other oils as well. Having a oil or butter to use in the kitchen is the first essential step to cooking with cannabis.

To infuse cannabis into the fat of your choosing you will need the following items.

  1. Crock pot
  2. Large Mixing Bowl
  3. Strainer
  4. Cheese Cloth
  5. Zip tie
  6. 16oz of coconut oil (butter or other oil)
  7. 1oz decarboxylated cannabis buds (or 4oz of cannabis trim)
  8. 1 cup of water

Set the crock pot to keep warm. Add the cup of water and coconut oil into your crock pot and let it all melt. Then add in the decarbed cannabis.

Important, for best result I emphases the cannabis must be decarbed before adding it to the oil or butter to activate the THC.

Mix the cannabis in the oil or butter every few hours keeping the crock pot on keep warm the entire time. Let this mix sit in the crock pot at least 8 hours but can keep it going longer up to around 14 hours to increase maximum potency.


Turn off the crock pot and let it cool for about 30-60 mins. In the meantime, line the strainer with several layers of cheese cloth (6-10 layers) and set the cheese cloth lined strainer in the large mixing bowl. Once your oil or butter has cooled it is time to pour it through the cheese cloth. Lift the strainer and let most of the oil or butter has gone into the bowl. Grab the cheese cloth and make sure all the cannabis is trapped inside and zip tie the cannabis inside the cheese cloth.  With all the cannabis trapped inside the cheese cloth and if the cannabis has cooled enough you can squeeze out the rest of the trapped oil or butter. You can keep this used cannabis and use if for making a less potent batch of oil or butter. I recommend making an 8oz batch of oil or butter with the left over cannabis. Or you can make a cannabis salve like in my article Topical Cannabis Salve replacing the trim in that recipe with this leftover cannabis.

Use caution and make sure that the cannabis is cool enough to squeeze or hot oil will burn you. If in doubt set aside the cannabis in the cheese cloth to cool in a separate bowl before squeezing.

Inside the mixing bowl should be the cannabis infused oil or butter still mixed with water. If any cannabis is still in the oil; clean the strainer line with cheese cloth and strain one more time. If clear of cannabis debris set the bowl in the refrigerator overnight. This colder temperature will help with the oil or fatty butter to separate from the water because the oil and fat float to the top of the water and become a solid in colder temperatures.

Once the oil or butter is solid then use a butter knife to slide along the side of the solid oil or butter and pop the free carefully. Discard the water and scrape the bottom of the oil or butter to get the rid of the film. What remains is your infused oil or butter.


If making cannabis coconut oil, I recommend adding one more step to this process. Put the infused coconut oil back into a cleaned crock pot and let it melt on keep warm. Once fully melted pour the coconut oil into ice cube trays. (These ice cube trays should only be used for this purpose after this) Then freeze the oil over night. Once you have your ice cubed infused coconut oil put into a Tupperware or into the empty coconut oil container. This just makes handling coconut oil easier. I just weigh out or melt what I need when I need it.


That is how to infuse cannabis into your favorite oil or butter and as always….

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”

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