HerbTools Online Head Shop Review


For everyone who smokes cannabis for medicine or just enjoys smoking it, there is always the question of where to get a pipe, bong and etc. There are a few options available for people and some of it depends on your personal comfort level and price range you are shopping in.

Many people like to go to a physical store and can look at, feel and inspect the glass piece they’re about to purchase. The prices of these bongs and pipes will vary widely head shop to head shop, but are normally very pricey.

I’ve personally been reluctant to purchase many smoking items online. As the few I had purchased were not of great quality. However, when I was asked to do a review of Herbtools.com, I approached it with an open mind and as if I had never shopped online for any bong or pipe before.

I have been needing a new bong for a while as my bong was a simple one without any percolation. For more information about different types of percolators  HerbTools explains it well here. The first place I started browsing was in the bong section, as I said I needed a new one.

The way HerbTools organizes their website appealed to me right away. After selecting bongs there is categories of types: Glass, Plastic, Ceramic, Boxed, Peculator, and cheap. There was an impressive amount of selections of different types of bongs. Like a kid in a candy store, I browsed around. Wondering out of the bong section into the other parts of the website as there are also pipes, dabbing rigs, vaporizers, shisha, along with other accessories.

Although, I will be honest I still had my reservations about quality at this point. However, I found a piece I liked. The bong I choose was The Black Leaf Brand Herb/Oil combo bong with a built-in three stage percolators system that starts with the diffusion pipe this in in the down stem that goes into the bottom water chamber of the bong. After the smoke leaves the bottom chamber in the bong it is pulled up into a six-arm tree percolator; this being the primary percolator this pulls the smoke through the second water chamber then hitting the splash dome as the final stage before you inhale. One of the advantages to having a bong with a percolation system in it is the smoke is cooled more and when inhaled it is smoother. What this does is allows you to inhale deeper and absorb more of the cannabinoids making medicating more effective and efficient. Pictured below is the percolation system. img_7633

HerbTools has some of the best pricing on quality smoking devices that I have seen. The Black Leaf bong I got was priced at $137 on sale from $150. For a bong of similar quality and with equivalent percolation system might cost you as much as twice what HerbTools charges without their sale. On HerbTools website explains how they are able to do this: “Since the opening of our bong shop, many moons ago, we have been selling high-quality glass bongs for sale at cheap prices worldwide. We have delivered our water pipes to many different countries and do a lot of business here in the USA & Canada. As a popular bong shop we are well aware of what our customers expect, we always use 100% discreet packaging for every water-pipe, bong and smoking accessory. We run fast and reliable customer support. Whether you are looking to buy cheap glass pipes, awesome waterpipes for smoking, dab rigs for oil or reliable herb pen vaporizers, we’ve got you covered through our HerbTools online headshop. You will also find some great bongs for sale and also smoking accessories such as windproof turbo lighters, premium rolling boxes, bong down stems, glass bowls and pre-coolers.” Along with having some of the best prices I have ever seen with quality produces is that HerbTools also has something called Herb Points. These Herb Points are based solely on item price, 10 points per £1 GBP money spent and Each 10 Herb Points can be redeemed for $0.02. Over time you will built up rewards and will be able to redeem the points to reduce the price of an item in the future.

It was then with eager anticipation, I placed my order and waited for it to show up in the mail. Now even though time always slows down after you place your order for anything online when you want it to show up. However, HerbTools ships internationally and they are based out of the UK and my order arrived 5 days later. This I feel is a good shipping time for anything shipped internationally.

What I would like to point out is the customer service of www.herbtools.com as with any glass piece there is the risk of something breaking. I’ve even broken piece on transport home from a head shop.

The Black Leaf boxed bong comes in a box that has shaped foam to hold the bong, the down stem, the bowl and the nail. In shipping the nail had come loose and rolled around inside the travel box case and had mostly broken on the bong itself. The bong is thick glass and is of high quality but the nail that came with it was small a broke. I contact HerbTools and the small little nail that came with this model was out of stock. They gave me the option of 3 different nails to replace the one that broke and shipped it out to me and arrived just as quickly. While it is unfortunate that a part of the bong was broken, it was a little bit of a blessing in disguise as I got to review the replacement process as well as no glass is beyond the possibility of breaking.

The travel box for this bong I will still be using as it holds everything okay for traveling and will be safer than traveling without it. However, I am going to take the precaution of putting a thick fabric over all the glass items in the case then close it up to make sure everything stays better. It was just bad luck it came loose during a 5-day shipping period and when I travel it is only going to be for hours at most.


Overall I am extremely happy with my order. In fact, my new bong is my new favorite piece and will defiantly be shopping at HerbTools.com again. I have gotten the chance to use this bong for both the traditional method of smoking ground up cannabis and got to use the new nail a couple of times. Before I let myself finish this review I took extra time as I wanted to use this bong and need to clean it a few times. To make sure nothing would break while trying to clean due to manufacture defects as that has happened to me a couple of times. This bong cleans very nicely and easily with salt and 91% isopropyl alcohol and the parts are of high quality.

The next thing will be to get a pre-cooler attachment for this bong and fortunately there is also a good selection of those at HerbTools as well.

And as always,

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