Pass the duby!


Are you one of the 100,000 users on duby? I am and you can find me there @fibroman and I have been using duby since they were still in beta phase. You will always find me amongst the top users. Although I have hit the number one spot a few times you will usually find me within the top 20.

If you are not currently using duby then you may not be familiar with the format and if you are I have exciting news about a series of pending updates the first happening next week. Let’s catch up the non-duby users about what duby is real quick. If you don’t have duby download the duby app to your phone from here. Just pick the App Store or Google play and download it to your phone.

Duby is an anonymous cannabis social media app that can be currently found for Apple and Droid formats. Duby lets you post cannabis related pictures for other to see. These pictures called dubies are then sent to the people close to you and to people that follow you. These people have a choice: Pass the duby or put it out. If they pass it then the duby gets sent to people near them and their followers. The more this happens the more people see your duby. So even with very few followers, you can end up with a duby that will start trending—and might even get featured. Take a look at some of the past featured dubys.

One of the other unique features of duby is the influence number. The higher this number the more power you have to spread dubies you post and pass. You gain influence in a few ways and is a number that shows how much influence you have. In the end, you will get to see many duby from all around the world or people who enjoy cannabis as much as you do. That is duby in a nutshell.

@fibroman (Me) said, “Personally, I am a love using duby. I get to see other people’s home grows, fantastic verity of glass artwork, people enjoying cannabis and so much more.”

Don’t take just my word for it. This is what some of the other duby users had to say.

@meowy_wowy said, “I love duby, lol and you can quote me on this! I love the fact that we’re from all over the globe, yet we’re such a family and we have great connections with the duby team!”

@organicannabis said, “I think the app [duby] is very well designed for keeping user engagement up. The influence scoring system allows users to be rewarded for posting quality content over users just posting random things. I like the ease of use when you first download the app and that only had minor glitches are seen in the programming. I see potential for duby to be a major cannabis platform if they are able to gain more exposure next year.”

@tommy2dabs said, “The app [duby] is beginner friendly and opens up various connections between users.”

@grimreefer said, “duby is a nice community to bring many different ppl together for one reason and one reason only, the love of cannabis.”

@mrs_potsss said, “duby fam is amazing!!! It’s the best app because there’s barely any arguing or trolling, just fire bud to look at all day.”

@gator420 said, “I think this is one of the best apps out there!! I was a Facebook junkie!! But could never truly express myself and show everyone what I really love to do. The duby family on here are so awesome!!! If you need any question, or any help they will help you on this site…and that is awesome for a grower!!!”

@jonny5 said, “I have a special place in my heart for Duby app and all the amazing friends I’ve met along the way. Cannabis has been a huge factor in my day to day life as my medicine. Duby is a place where I’ve definitely met other like minded people. But the app itself is evolving fast! I love the new format and after the latest gameification of the app, they’ve made into a very addictive social media platform for all!”
@rebecca said, “You will always come back to duby, it’s your go to place. It’s truly does become a dubyfam. You develop friendships and bond connections with the people you meet on duby. It’s a community of people from all over the world. Just like you and me.”

So for my fellow duby users and soon to be duby users are you ready to see a sneak peak into what duby is going to look like here very soon? This is what the current user profile looks like on the left with the new profile next to it on the right.


As I mentioned about your influence score in duby show you how much, well influence you have in the community. This score changes based on how popular you are on dubies. This score is about to become more understand and user-friendly to everyone that will track your popularity on duby and let you see all the various factors that contribute to your score. So you will be able to better understand how you might increase your influence.


2phoneThere is also going to be some awards that are going to come out for users to uncover. The awards could be something like trending so many times, passed 10,000 duby and other random things like that. Although the users won’t know ahead of time what the awards are until the unlock them.  There is also going to be an update to the messaging system making it easier to use and store messages than before.

A new feature being added into duby is called: My Sesh. This allows you to see who on duby you interact with the most. I will be interested to see how this works and who interacts with me the most often.

duby messages are being updated. Allowing  you to be able to better communicate with other duby users with messages that don’t have a time limit. More like messages that you would see on instagram.

Starting next week duby will start the updates for  Iphone users will start to see the update and the following week Android. I am excited to see duby expand and improve as it gets more popular. I will let you all know what I think of the duby app once the updates have been completed. Doing a follow-up blog post with my reactions to the updates once they are implemented.

I am also excited as the map feature is coming back out soon. You will now be able to see again where in the world your dubies are spreading to. This was one of my person favorite features that has been missing for a little while and glad that duby decided to put back in. However, that is not going to be this update  series but will be coming back soon.

There is also a lot more options for duby gear now than there was when this app first came out. I remember when it was only stickers in a slap pack you could get. Now they have hats, shirts, hoodies, lighter covers and of course stickers. Someday soon I wish to get myself a duby hoodie. Check out the all duby gear available and use this link to get 10% off your first order using this link.

Hope to see you on duby and remember to Pass the duby!

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