Cannabis Refugee

What is a cannabis refugee? This is a term that has started to become more and more common around the Internet. But what does it really mean?

There are many reason people become Cannabis Refugees. One of the most common ones heard about is families that have children with seizures disorders. The whole family becomes refugees to save their child’s life by moving to a state that allows medical use of cannabis for children.  Some of the famous ones include; Charlotte Figi from Dr. Sanja Gupta “Weed” video, however, there is also SuperNova and Team Alexis that can be found on Facebook they all are strong and amazing children with amazing families.

Others Cannabis Refugees are adults with illnesses that can be treated by cannabis but are unwilling or no longer want to be considered a criminal for using cannabis medication in their home state. Nor do I feel they should have to or be made to feel that way.

These Cannabis Refugees leave one state in America to go to another State in America to become legal to use cannabis as medicine. This is done because their home state has no medical laws at all, the medical laws in the state are over-restrictive, have a short list of medical conditions that are on the authorized list and some also have needed to leave their medical state to go to a state that allows home growing of cannabis because purchasing from a dispensary can be over priced.

So these Refugees are not foreign refugees fleeing a war-torn country. Theses are American’s fleeing an American State to go to a different American state because of a War on Drugs torn country. Stop the War! Legalize cannabis now! This way American’s no longer need to become refugees fleeing for their lives for medical treatment. What does it say about our country if our citizens have to become refugees fleeing from one state to another?

Meet one of the many faces of medical refugees. This is the CanniMedic a cannabis activist who is about to become a Cannabis Refugee.

I stand with you CanniMedic.

Spread Cannabis Knowledge!

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