Improve Your Bud Pictures

There is a very simple way to improve the pictures you take of your plants as they are in their flowering stage.

The orange redish tent is from using high pressure soidum lights. Theses lights give the plants the light spectrum they prefer that mimics the light spectrum of the fall when the plant normally are in their flowering cycle. This might be best for the plants, but it is horrible for taking pictures.

This results in many people taking these orange pictures that do not give the flowers the justice they deserve. Don’t fret–there is an easy simple and cheap solution.

If you are growing cannabis your may already own the solution. I use a pair of blue tented glasses to look at my plants and be able to see them better without the orange tint. (If you don’t own a pair go to your local grow store they will have them.) Take them off your face and shoot your pictures through the lenz of the glasses. It works the same for your camera as it does your own eyes.

Now enjoy better quality pictures of your buds.

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