Call for Submissions

I am writing a book to show that cannabis is medicine by providing proof. What proof, well to be blunt–your proof along with mine.

What proof am I talking about that you might have?

I want you to tell your story about how cannabis has improved your life. Where were you medically before you started using cannabis and how has that improved since you started using it? And what method do you use cannabis? It is all important and you are the most important part; tell the story from your perspective and together our voices can be strong. Not scattered random stories around the net, but all in one anthology of personal stories.

Spread Cannabis Knowledge!



2 thoughts on “Call for Submissions

  1. Is the book a tell all, or is it focused on a certain aspect of unknown facts contributing to a medicinal value?

    I have a unique perspective, in that I have acquired life experiences in hotel rooms with drugs, but I have also experienced the medicinal value of cannabis to treat injuries. Both tell a story that is compelling, if not humorous.

    The experience with marijuana is a time period lasting a quarter century.

    After commenting I had been “in the game” over a decade, the driver would comment on how few where in the crowd. To which I replied that I represent a few statistics. Drop-out, disabled, convict, or as I say, job skills; a person who is untrustworthy, and will quit the day early, but who can have trouble with that.

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    1. It is a personal story and would be your story to tell. I want to know how it has positively affected your life. If that starts in a hotel room with drugs that is fine–makes it a more personal story and real in my opinion.
      I want people to read this book and be able to relate to someone and see how cannabis can change a life for the better. People should read this book and have not doubt there is medical value in cannabis because of how it changes lives or provides hope when a medical condition seems to much to bare.


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