Organic Pest Management System

For those that grow with soil you have inevitably run into grow room pests. Such as gnats the small little flies and if you use organic nutrients then you might see more of them. So what is the solution?  There are several chemical gnat killers available to rid your soil of the gnats and their larvae. This will also kill all the microorganisms that live in the soil as well. Your cannabis plants love these microorganism, however, and you will need to indoctrinate your soil with more microorganisms, again and let those colonies grow back to where they were. The microorganisms being a food source for gnats it is possible to see the gnats come back as your microorganisms rebuild their colony.

What is a gardener to do then? As it seems to be a never ending cycle.

Both the European and Asian praying mantis were released in the United States about a century ago; in hopes of helping to control unwanted pests; gardeners have been releasing them into greenhouses for generations where the praying mantis are native.

So why not a cannabis grow room. This would add in a predator to the gnats; closing the circle of life. Where this normally is not done in a indoor grow room because of its isolation.

The praying mantis has a large appetite. It is possible that one would need to remove the mantis if it depleted all of its food source from the growing room and feed separately.

I ordered a pair of juvenile praying mantis and reared them until they hit adulthood. Now that they are done going through all their metaphorical changes they are now fully grown. They are both males so no worry about what one to release I to the grow room because female mantis will still lay ootheca (mantis egg sack) even if she has not breed with a male. Determining the gender of the mantis is easy. Makes have 7 sections on the rear while females have 5; you can also tell when the mantis is fully grown when you are able to see its wings.

I am only releasing one mantis in the grow room at a time as they are carnivorous and can and will eat each other.

I can not tell you how well releasing the mantis has worked because I just did it and I need to let the experiment run its course. Once I feel I can weigh in on how effect using a mantis is I will write about it then.

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2 thoughts on “Organic Pest Management System

    1. I am not sure if spider mites are big enough to be worth it to a mantis. It is possible a mantis could eat them but that might be a different experiment. If aiming to target spider mites I would look into smaller breads of praying mantis. Just keep in mind that they would also be harder to locate in the grow room as well.


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