Oh Snap! I Snapped a Branch!

It is going to happen to anyone growing there own medicine to hear that heart wrenching sound of a branch snapping. It is always somehow exponential louder than it should be. But what should you do now?

First; Stop and claim down it is not the end of the world. This is a very hardy plant that takes punishment well. (Don’t be overtly cruel either) Time to act; now that you have taken a second to breath.

Now that your claim and your heart has stopped pounding locate the snap/break ect. You will most likely know where it broke or snapped because you were working on that branch or walking past it when it bent to far. If it is still attached at all used electrical tape to secure the branch together. Electrical tape is stretchy and will stretch as the plant grows and will sometimes even fall off as the plant grows. The location of the damage is going to get lots of attention from the plant to repair the damage. This area may swell up thick and strong. As you can see below the plant heals and with care you will save your branch.


If some extra support is needed add another garden support rod and secure branch to it. You can also use gardening wire to wrap around the branch for extra support if the tape will not hold it together. The use of garden wire or copper wire can also be used if the main steam is damaged or broken to add the support needed to hold it up right. The use of zip can also be used in some cases as well. However, the wire and zip ties do not stretch and will need extra attention as the branch or stalk can swell. When swelling acures wire or zip tie can be removed but the branch may still need the extra support rod.

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