Growing Technique: FIMing

There are so many different kinds of ways people decide to grow their medicine. Some do even better when using more than one technique at a time.

Today I am going to cover FIMing a growing technique that grew out of the topping technique that is simply cutting off all the new growth up to the last nod. This causes the cannabis plant to grow two new branches. This can be repeated to have branches divide over and over as it grows.

FIM is simply; F*ck I Missed missed meaning that the grower cut to high and only snipped part of the top leaving most of it behind. This cause the cannabis plant to grow 3-5 new branches. Just like topping this can be repeated to get more branches.

Now that the basics of how to FIM and what exactly FIMing is; it is now time to talk about the pinching method of FIMing. It is very similar and produces the same effect with less shock to the cannabis plant. To do this sub-method of FIMing you simply pinch the new growth where you would have snipped to FIM. What this does is damages the developing new growth cells; this will cause the same divide and growth of new branches. Worst case is you don’t pick hard enough; causing nothing to happen.

Both methods of FIM slow the vertical growth of the branches that were FIMed because they are dividing. This adds the extra benefit of letting shorter branches un-FIMed to catch up. Making a bushier cannabis plant.

Effects of FIMing can be seen in the leaves that were damaged regardless of the method of FIMing. No these were no eaten by bugs but instead the plant using what it can from the damaged leaf.

As I mentioned briefly about how grow techniques can sometimes be used together FIMing is one of those as it goes well with Screen of Green and Low Stress Training. Some will even use all three in tangent.

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