Duby. The Must Have App


There is a new app that anyone who loves cannabis needs to download. Whether you are a medical cannabis patient or just someone who loves their herb—Duby is for you. Originally designed to be a competitor for Weedmaps until the true idea for Duby came to life.

With Duby, you post your cannabis related picture and you share it—the image is now called a Duby and it is ready to be passed along. What Duby does is shows your image to other people near you and to people that follow you. When people see your Duby they choose to pass it to people near them or to not pass it. This allows your Duby to go virial without even needing a large following. The more people that pass your Duby the further around the world it will spread. Like the beacons of Gondor your Duby will light up and travel across the world; or at least a good Duby will. The users decide what Dubys spread and the Dubys that don’t go anywhere.

One of the features that I really liked about Duby that sets them apart from the other cannabis social apps and websites is the metric given for influence. In fact Duby has two kinds of influence. One is the user’s influence this number goes up and down on a daily basis; it shows how relevant a Duby user is and how influential they are. This number goes between 0-100; the higher the number the more people that see their Dubys. This means that your personal influence number show in relative real time how relevant you are in the Duby community. The other influence number that you will see is on the Duby post themselves this number only goes up as more and more people view your Duby; this number is simply how many people have seen your Duby.  You can also check on a map to see how and where your Duby has spread over the globe. You can also check out what Dubys are trending, local, where posted recently or posted by the Top users and most influential.

With cannabis being controversial and illegal in many parts of the world Duby takes privacy into count. After speaking with Russ the creator of Duby who has a background in information security wanted the users of Duby to feel safe. While the Duby app does show the current city and country you are in this is to allow the app to work by spreading your Duby to people nearest to you. The location is anonymized for your safety. Meaning no one knows exactly where you are. (Unless the user discloses that themselves). Russ got into the cannabis industry after his son was able to use cannabis medicine to treat his Fragile X Syndrome and now Russ leads in research to get more information about Fragile X Syndrome and cannabis medicine; along with creating the Duby app. Learn more about Fragile X Syndrome at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fragile_X_syndrome.

Currently Duby is only available on IPhones but will be coming out with an Android version very soon. Apple was the proving grounds for the app and has become wildly successful in a short time since coming into the scene in April. Duby is going to stay in the mobile platforms and will not move onto a social website. But you can visit their website at www.Duby.co to download the app; find out what been trending, Duby news or to get help and don’t forget to pick up your free slap pack Duby stickers to show your Duby pride at https://www.duby.co/swag/.

Find me on Duby @fibroman and pass me a Duby. And don’t forget to…
Spread Cannabis Knowledge!

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