Ohio Cannabis Bill Failed; Not because of Cannabis Itself!


I want to take moment to talk about the election that happened on Tuesday. In Ohio, they voted on a bill that would have legalized cannabis medically and recreationally in one bill.

Thousands of people signed the petitions to get it on the ballot. So why did about 65% of Ohio vote down cannabis? Is Ohio behind the rest of the country? While more and more states each year approve medical cannabis and a handful of states are starting to legalize it recreationally. It seemed that Ohio was going to join on both the recreational side and medicinal side. So what happened?

There are a couple of reasons I can see why this measure didn’t pass that don’t have to do with the plant itself.

The bill was done during a secondary election. There is nothing wrong with secondary elections but historically speaking more people vote during primary elections than secondary. Therefore not as many people went to the polls.

How the bill was written made even cannabis supporters nervous. If approved it would have limited the grow sites to ten locations around the state of Ohio. These would be run by the wealthy investors of the bill making a legal monopoly. This could have made people leery.

The bill also attempted to legalize both recreational and medical use. Something I support but I feel hurt the cause overall. This is because the people that support medical use, but not recreational use would have voted the bill down. Ideally they both should be on the ballot but voted on separately.

Don’t look at the bill’s failure in Ohio as a sign the cannabis movement is slowing down. It is simply not true. I feel that it was less about opposing cannabis and more about opposing a monopoly. Ohio you need to try again! Let’s try again for the primary elections next year. 

To my friends in Ohio that still need medicine you are in my thoughts. One day you will not have to heal illegally. Keep trying Ohio! Never give up!

What are your thoughts on the Ohio not passing the cannabis bill? 

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


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