Effectively Clean you pipe

Some of you might have glass or metal pipe. How are you going to clean it? You could try to scrape all the black resin out of your pipe. Only to not get it all and loosen some up that will fly through the pipe and into your mouth. This is gross when it happens and you will taste the resin the rest of the day and you might throw up if you swallow it; from a gag reflex.

There is also nothing like taking a nice clean toke off a new pipe. So how do we get that back to that without constantly buying new pipes. I know two easy ways to clean your pipe and prevent flying resin attacks.

First way I learned is put your metal or glass pipe in boiling water for 10-30 minutes. There is a couple draw backs to this method though. It will stink bad and the smell will fill your house as all the resin is melted away. Then you also need to clean the pot you boiled it in. And good! Your pipe will also be hot for sometime an you will need to wait to use it again. However it will be clean when you are done.

Second way and the way I usually clean my pipes. I clean this way because the smell factor is almost none existent when cleaning my way. You can also use your pipe right after cleaning. You will need isopropyl alcohol highest percent you can get; I usually 91%. Also get salt or kosher salt. (Kosher salt is bigger and more effective but regular salt can be used so not special purchase required)

Step 1: pour salt into pipe. Amount varies with size of pipe. I never measure but add a good amount. The salt is going to act as an abrasive.

Step 2: pour in isopropyl alcohol.

Step 3: cover all holes in pipe with fingers and shake vigorously. For a few minutes

Step 4: pour out mix and look at pipe if needed repeat steps 1-4

Step 5: if some resin is supper tough take paper clip scrape off.

Step 6: Run hot water through pipe to get all the residual salt and alcohol out.

Step 7: use your lungs blow through pipe to dry it quick.

Step 8: pack a bowl and enjoy a clean pipe.

Step 9: This is important keep your pipe clean. Repeat cleaning every couple weeks on a minimum.

This whole process takes less than 10 minutes from dirty pipe to lighting up. Unless your pipe is neglected and super dirty. That’s why you should keep you pipe clean. I have never tried the cleaning products on the market in your head shops and they may work well but they are also expensive. Leave your comment below if you have an easy cleaning tip or just want to say hello.



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3 thoughts on “Effectively Clean you pipe

    1. You blog at first glance is about selling your services. I can not endorse anything for someone to use, without using it my self. Maybe one day I might need to use your site and if I try it out and it works out good I could then consider rebloging your site. Or if your blog post some valuable information that people should know about then I could reblog that information.



      1. I put alcohol in my glass pipe cover it with a wet paper towel set it in a bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds, the alcohol boils out into to paper towels run warm water through the pipe shake if necessary, dry out then enjoy. About 2 minutes

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