Reclaim Your Life: How to set Your Goals and Achieve Them

I have had a long journey to reclaiming my life. There were many thing that I needed to do to improve myself. I needed to pick one thing I needed to change about myself to make me feel better about myself. After being injured in the Navy and walking with a cane due to chronic pain and instability because of my Fibromyalgia. I wanted to walk without my cane after my pain started to decrease after I started using cannabis. I wrote this essay on; “Reclaim Your Life: How to set Your Goals and Achieve Them” and I hope that it can help anyone who is struggling to achieve their goals.

Reclaim Your Life: How to set Your Goals and Achieve Them

How to achieve you goals to reclaim your life. What does it mean to reclaim your life and how do you need to do it. For me my life basically ended after I was injured: I lost my career in the Navy and the post-enlistment career path I wanted. I also lost my independence because all my movement was restricted to the use of a cane. Shortly after being injured; my health rapidly declined and I gained a lot of weight; my heaviest being 330-pounds due to years of inactively.

First you need to figure out is: what you end goal? Do not let you limitations hinder you, but keep them in mind. That way you not to overdo yourself or try something unsafe. Your goal need to be possible or you need to become flexible in your end goal. The road to the end goal is where you make all the changes anyway. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals at once. It is easy to identify what we do not like or what we wish to change about ourselves, but all that does is get us a large list of things we do not like about ourselves. This is not helpful at all; in fact it can be quite depressing.  Identify one thing you want to change, that would make your life better. For me I have fibromyalgia, a chronic pain syndrome that has no cure. Though it would be wonderful to have a goal of, cure my fibromyalgia, it is not realistic. Therefore, I needed to identify something else I could do. My goal was to start to walk without a cane.

Once you have decided what your goal is you need to break down your goal into mini-goals that end after a week or a month. If your goal is to lose 100 pounds that could seem impossible and you could get easily discouraged. Once you start to feel discouraged that is when you are most likely to give up. Therefore your goal needs to be broken down to something that is achievable and does not look so impossible. For weight loss as an example: look at losing 2-5 pounds in a month instead of that impossible goal of 100 or more pounds. The same thing applied to me when trying to walk without a cane.  On a treadmill, my mini-goals was to take couple of steps without support. Soon I was making goals like 10 seconds without support. Soon my goals became minutes without supporting myself. Until I finally achieved my goal of being able to walk around without my cane and I became free again.

At this point, you might be asking; when I should set my end goal date for? It is important not to set an end date for your larger goal. This is an important because you already set mini-goals that are going to bring you down the path to achieving your goal. When you start making the mini-goals it will boost your confidence. Making it easier to have the motivation to keep pushing forward. This also works for when you do not make your mini-goal as well. When you fail to meet a mini-goal and you will. Do not dwell on it! You did not achieve that mini-goal—that is it. Just set a new mini-goal and look forward. If you find that you are not achieving your mini-goals consistently then you need to adjust your mini-goal to something you are more likely to achieve. This is why it is important not to set the end date because there are going to be delays and not making that end goal on time can be very depressing. Slow down and take it step by step and you will arrive at your destination when you get there. A journey of a thousand miles starts with just a couple of steps.

Identify what obstacle are in your way of your goal. Let’s be honest, if there were no obstacle in your way you would already be where you want to be. This can be one of the most difficult parts of the process and is unique for each individual. When talking about physical disabilities these can be difficult to overcome and some might not be possible to overcome at all. For me I needed to find a good treatment option for my medical conditions. The treatment option was simple: Cannabis was able to replace all of my pills and now I do not suffer from the meridian of side effects caused by taking so many pharmaceuticals. Once my pain was treatable; I was able to work on my goal of walking without my cane. Something I had once accepted that I was going to use for the rest of my life.

This journey you take when you are trying to change your life for the better will be a difficult one and there will be times you’re going to get discouraged. The path you take might take you longer than you expect but this is when it is good to look forward at where you want to be. Look back at the goals you have achieved and the progress you have made. Recognize that you are an amazing person, who has been able to achieve so many goals. During your journey you may find that your goal might change or expand into other things you want to do. My goal changed to being able to walk without a cane and become healthier overall as well. In my goal to walk without a cane I had also lost 95 pounds as a side effect of trying to reach my goal.

I am now cane free but that has not stopped me from setting a new goal. I have mastered walking without a cane—now I am ready to run. My new goal is to run for 1 hour. Started abled to do 10 seconds. Now, I can do 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It is a long way from my large goal but that is why I take it in 10 second intervals.

I hope that you have enjoyed my essay, “Reclaim Your Life: How to set Your Goals and Achieve Them” Join me next thursday for a blog entry explaining the cannabinod CBN until next time:

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4 thoughts on “Reclaim Your Life: How to set Your Goals and Achieve Them

  1. Breaking your big goals into mini goals is a huge tip. Many people get discouraged from doing things because their goals seem so far away, so by breaking it into mini goals, not only does your “current goal” seem a lot closer, but the mini successes you get from reaching your mini goals help to keep you motivated on your way to your true goal. It’s just a great thing to do for so many reasons.

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