Let’s Talk Cannabinods: CBD

What is CBD exactly you might be asking your self?


The scientific name for it is called Cannabidol and is one of the cannabinods found inside the cannabis plant. One widely misunderstood fact about CBD is that it does not interact with the Endocannabinod system neither CB1 or CB2 receptors interact with CBD like Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does. However CDB does interact with other systems in your body. Also Unlike THC the CBD cannabinod is not psychoactive and has been shown to decrease the some of the high effects of cannabis with THC. Meaning if you become unconvertible by the effects of too much THC it can be countered by CBD.

Cannabidol has gotten lots of coverage over the last few years because of its ability to stop seizers. Many people know of the little girl named Charlotte who has Danvers syndrome that caused her to have hundreds of seizers daily. After her family moved her to CO she was given cannabis oil and her seizers stopped allowing her to become a little girl for the first time in her life and not a catatonic zombie child.

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