Medical Cannabis Travel Bag

What do you do when you are a medical cannabis patient and you need to travel with your medication? My solution is to create a inconspicuous travel medicine bag and the essentials to bring with you to make your life easier.

This is a old bag I made many years ago that works perfect to hold all the essential supplies needed for a medical cannabis patient.

Inside your bag you are going to want a myriad of supplies and I will go over all of them with you.
First you are going to want a couple of options to smoke your medicine. If you only bring one way and that breaks or you run out of papers your up the creek without anyway of taking your medicine. Also I recommend getting one of the padded  carbon lined travel cases for glass pipes; it reduces smell and protects your pipe.

_20150812_074821You will want a couple of lighters never only have one on you; that is just asking for trouble. Also carry some tweezers to grab screens. Along with some spare screens (glass or metal or both). The purple case around the lighter has a poker and a metal snuffer on the end so you don’t need to use the end of your lighter. It is called a Toker Poker and I highly recommend getting one…or two. If not also grab a poker as well. The Green item is called a Smoke Buddy and it is a activated carbon personal smoking filter: you blow through it and it will eliminate most of the smell and smoke. Basically it is a spoofer and of course…Don’t forget your grinder

You will also want a air tight way of holding your medication. This can be something as simple as a mason jar or more elaborate like this secret fake WD-40 can stash holder.


If you use medibles, tinctures, cannabis caps or topical salves your should also have some of this available to you as well. It is good to have your options open.


Don’t forget to have a pen and paper in your bag for when you have an inspiring idea!

Some last thoughts…If you are a medical patient and the laws in your area do not allow you to legally carry your medication you should keep that in mind when using your medication while you are away from home. If you are in a state that allows medical use of cannabis for your medical condition make sure you have you medical cannabis recommendation on you or in your medical bag at all times!

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