Mega Medible: Double Infused Double Chocolate Canna-Cookies

There are time when my normal medibles are not powerful enough to take care of all my pain when I am having a extra painful day and I need extra pain relief. There are a few ways to help when this happens. You can take an extra dose but…

This got me thinking why take two when you could still just take one. There are a few ways to make a more powerful medible. First would be to make a more powerful cannabis oil or butter. Or you can make a Mega Medible. A Mega Medible is when more than one ingredient in what you are making is infused with cannabis.

This recipe is very easy and you will not need a lot of ingredients for it because I used a Betty Crocker pre-made cookie mix to make it easier on most people. I will be doing a completely from scratch cookie recipe on a latter date.

What you need and what you need to modify:

One box of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix.

The box calls for one stick of butter so what we need to do is replace the stick of butter with something infused with cannabis. I always infuse into coconut oil, however. if you have canna-butter that will work too. Use 4 ounces of canna-oil or butter by weight. Then to make this a double infusion we need to add some more cannabis into the recipe. I chopped up ten of my cannabis infused chocolates about 1/2 a cup and added it into the mix. The box also calls for egg. Follow the cooking instructions on the box.

IMG_20150719_072506224_HDRThis recipe will make 3 dozen double infused double chocolate mega medible cookies. I recomend that you only cook what you are going to eat in the next couple of days. I decided to

make a dozen IMG_20150719_072616021and freeze the rest. I do this because if the cookies go stale the cannabinods will be less effective and lets be honest a fresher cookie is always better!


Need to know how to make infused cannabis oil? Here’s how:

Need to know how to make infused chocolate? Here’s how:

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”


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