Status Update On Kris Lewandowski

11745809_1647961212084648_947466580861697995_nTwo weeks ago I did a blog entry on Kris Lewandowski a former Marine who was arrested and could face up to life in prison for growing 6 cannabis plants to treat his PTSD. A lot has happened since my original post and I wanted to update everyone on the status of Kris.

GoFundMe that had the FreeKris legal defense fund-raiser took it down saying that “funds raised for Kris’ legal defense are against their rules,” although as one support of FreeKris pointed out if you search for legal defense on gofundme you can find over 80,000 so why was the FreeKris one taken down? If you are still interested in helping Kris and his family during this time you can go to

Kris was extradited to Oklahoma on Thursday July 9th. During his transportation something happened that baffles the mind that this happens today. As report by the FreeKris Facebook page: “According to a source, the Sheriff’s pulled what is called a “brake check” which is slamming on the breaks while inmates are in the vehicle, according to this source, it can be done for various reasons all are related to screwing with the inmates. 4 inmates were injured, 2 were woman, Kris was slammed into the front area of the Van. This same type of activity is suspected in the death of Freddie Gray according to our source. So to the point, it was not an accident, but done on purpose. One of the injured inmates suffered broken ribs.”
This kind of treatment of people is uncalled for and I hope that the sheriff who pull this break check is charged.

However I do not have all bad new to give. The latest update is that thanks to Sara Swain who drove from from Kansas pro-bono got Kris case moved to Veterans Court with the felony dropped. Kris is currently out on bond waiting his new court date in Veterans Court.

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”

I also before you go, I wanted to thank everyone who help spread this story about Kris. Here is a list of links to all the Facebook pages that shared the story I wrote on Kris two weeks ago. I would also like to thank Weed4Warrior Project for spear heading so much involved with helping Kris.

Cannabis Rights for Veterans

4 Twenty Today

Illegally Healed


Library of Cannabis

Cannabis Movement
Oaksterdam University

Canna Law Blog

Grow 420 Nation


The Emerald Cup

World Cannabis Week

Medical Marijuana a New Beginning

The Cannabis Geek

The Sensible Seeds

Marijuana Green Pages

1,000,000 Cannabis Testimonials of Wellness

If I missed anyone who shared Kris story I am sorry; leave me a message and I will add it to the list of links.


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