Marine Uses Cannabis for PTSD and Now Facing Life in Prison

11261793_771751392943697_8209462228463998178_nMeet Marine Veteran Kristoffer Lewandowski, who served three tours overseas in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Kris like many combat veterans has PTSD. He was Honorably discharged and rated 100% disabled by the VA.

What is unfortunate is that this War Veteran lived in a state where medical cannabis laws do not exist. In fact Oklahoma laws on cannabis are so appalling that Kris could face up to life in prison because he was growing 6 cannabis plants to treat his PTSD.

As Whitney Lewandowski loving wife of Kristoffer Lewandowski told TruthinMedia, “He was just using it… He couldn’t get any, and, of course, we’re a military family, we’re very poor, we couldn’t afford to buy it anyway. So he was just growing it for himself. He was on his way out of the military and just wanted to see if it would help with [his mental health issues]. He was taking 13 pills a day, and it was just killing his liver. He was having all these issues with his body and he just wanted to try something more natural to just see if he could do without that many pills a day.” She called his medical marijuana treatments “absolutely effective.

Is this the kind of treatment our military veterans should be facing? Should Kris face life in prison for growing a plant to treat a crippling condition like PTSD? The answer is NO! on both accounts. Kristoffer Lewandowski story hits close to home for me.

I am as many of you know a Veteran myself. Like Kris I was on handfuls of pills three times per day. I was able to get off all my pharmaceutical  medications like Kris except I live in a state where there are medical cannabis laws. Kristoffer Lewandowski on the other hand did not live in a state with medical cannabis laws, so he gets punished? This is not fair because last time I checked we both we  are veterans and we both deserve the right to be able to choose our medication. Kris and his family are in California now. His wife moved them after he was charged. Kris is currently waiting the trial in Orange County Jail in California.

Please send Kris some words of encouragement at:
Lewandowski, Kris
2888303    F31
555 N Flower ST.
Santana CA 92703

11046351_773590939426409_7314774424001096376_nDo you want to help Kristoffer Lewandowski US Marine Corps Veteran with his fight to stay out of prison for the rest of his life? Please visit FreeKris Facebook page to find where his current fund raising is being held. His gofundme me page was removed by gofundme without an official reason as to why. This is why I need to remove the link to his fund raising page on this post.

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