Cannabis Drink: Bhang Ki Thandai

Cannabis also called Bhang in India has been part of human history for a very long time. It has been used for religious purposes along with medical uses for many thousands of  years. In India during the festival of Colors called Holi it is costum to consume Bhang drinks because of cannabis (Bhang) is associated with the Hindu Lord Shiva. According to the official Holi Festival website, “bhang is believed to cure fever, dysentery, sunstroke, to clear phlegm, aid in digestion, appetite, cure speech imperfections and lisping, and give alertness to the body.” Drinking Bhang responsibly was even said to aid one in avoiding going to hell in the after life.


What you will need to make a small batch of modified recipe of Bhang Ki Thandai:

Mortar and Pestle
Whole Milk
0.3 ounce of  ground Cannabis trim
1 tsp Decarboxated Kief (Added in Keif to increase potency since trim was used instead of flowers)1 cup Water
1 Tbs of Blanched Almonds (How to Blanch Almonds)
Pinch of ground Ginger
Pinch of ground Cloves
Pinch of ground Cinnamon

Some mason jars will help as well.
(Note original recipe for this would also call for some rosewater and cardamon. I did not have on hand and these ingredients might have a significance in a symbolic way that I am unaware of and meant no disrespect by modifying it.)

How to Prepare Bhang Ki Thandai:

Boil 1 cup of water. Get it to a rapid boil then add in your cannabis (bhang) and remove from heat and cover. Let the cannabis steep in the boiling hot water for 7 minutes. Place cheese cloth over a large bowl to strain water away from cannabis. Squeeze as much of the water out as you can into the bowl. IMPORTANT keep this water you boiled the cannabis in you will need it latter.

IMG_20150620_101018833Put the cannabis into your mortar. At this point add in the decarbed kief. Then add in 2-4 Tbs of milk to the cannabis and use the pestle to slowly but firmly grind the cannabis and milk together. After a few minutes squeeze out as much milk as you can by pressing the pulpy mass of cannabis ageist the side of your mortar. Collect this green milk in a separate bowl. (Don’t worry if there is bits of cannabis floating in the milk) Repeat this until you have used 1/2 cup of milk.

Once half your milk is used add in the blanched Almonds. Grind up the almonds into your cannabis mush. Then repeat the process of add milk into the mix–squeezing out the milk and repeating until all the milk is used.

Using a large mason jar place some cheese cloth over the top and secure it with the lid ring.
(A little tip here is before securing the cheese cloth to the jar with the lid ring make the cheese cloth dip into the jar some. This will allow a bit of the liquid to accumulate without spilling.)

Strain milk through the cheese cloth on the jar. Clear away ground cannabis as you are straining to assist in straining speed. Take your time and do not rush however. Milk slowly strains through the cheese cloth.

Once you have your strained milk in your jar. Add in Pinch of ground Ginger, ground Cloves and Cinnamon. Add in the water your steeped the cannabis in. Put the lead on the jar shake well to mix. (The rosewater and sugar would be add at this point. 1/4 tsp rosewater and 1/4 cup sugar. But my first batch I wanted to make without sugar. But I am considering adding a little honey to the next batch maybe 1/8 a cup) Then Chill the drink before drinking.

At this point I divided the Bhang Ki Thandai into 3 small mason jars to store a doses.

This has been FibroMan’s recreation of an ancient recipe Bhang Ki Thandai and remember…

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”

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