Easy Way To Press Keif Into Hash

As I mentioned in last weeks blog on keif when it is pressed it makes it makes hash. So how do you press keif to make hash? There are many different ways to do this. Today I am going to go over how to press your keif without needing to buy any expensive equipment.

_20150602_165439What you are going to need to do this is some parchment paper and some heavy objects. First you need to have collected enough keif. This is what is going to take the most time for most people. I collect keif in my grinder and use this to make my hash. It takes a little over a month for me to collect enough keif however this will vary with everyone depending on strains you use and will also depend on how often you use your grinder. Once the bottom of your grinder is at least 1/4 full of keif you can consider making some hash.

IMG_20150602_133409202_HDRStep One: Pour keif onto small piece of parchment paper.

Step Two: Fold parchment paper into small square around the size of a nickel. (You might need to use a poker to push keif down during folding.)

Step Three: Tape the_20150602_165357 parchment paper so it does not unfold.

Step Four: Place under heavy objects. I personally I stack up a bunch of weights from my bench press. But you can put it under heavy books, shelves, couch legs, ect use your imagination. Let that sit under you heavy objects for at least one day. Note that it will take longer to press if the weight used isIMG_20150603_063802874 not enough.

Step Five: Unwrap and discover your hash. Store hash in a small mason jar until you have the desire or need to use it. Break off a piece as needed and enjoy.

Since hash is pressed keif it is very potent and can be used when more medication is need just add a little to cannabis you are smoking or hash can be smoked/vaporized by its self so less medication is needed to be smoked at one given medication period. Hash can also be added into cannabis infusions to make them more potent such as infused coconut oil.

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