What is Keif and what to do with it?

If you use a grinder that has a screen then you have noticed that after you grind up your medicine a powdery substance collects in a the area under your screen. This stuff is collected under the screen is called keif. So you might be asking your self what is this keif stuff and what should I do with it?

ticomesFirst let me help you understand what keif is. One the cannabis flowers and leaves are trichomes. The trichomes are the most medicinally active part of the plant. This is the part of the plant where most of the cannabinods are located. The trichomes are most densely located on the flowery buds of the cannabis plant but there is still significant amount on the sugar trim leaves and the other parts of the plant have significantly less trichomes. When these trichomes fall off the cannabis plant the trichomes are renamed keif when they are not attached to the cannabis plant. Using magnification growers can use the color of the trichomes to tell how far along the cannabis plant is in its grow cycle and when to harvest the cannabis plant. At closer look at trichomes they look like balls on top of a shaft. The trichomes start out clear and turn amber colored as the plant matures. Most likely you have seen some of the trichomes on your buds it is the frosty looking sticky stuff.

_20150602_165439So now that you have collected keif at the bottom of your grinder or if you have purposely separated the keif from the cannabis plant. I will cover the process of purposely separating keif from the your cannabis during a future blog post. So for now I will assume that you do not have much keif because you are working with what falls off during the process of grinding.

One thing you can do is add a little bit of the powdered keif on top of the cannabis you are smoking to add in a little extra potency for more pain relief. Keif can also be used to make butters and oils more potent as well. With enough keif you can made your oils, butter or tinctures more potent when higher does of cannabinods are required to treat you illness. You can also press your keif together and this is one way hash is made.  There are many different ways to make hash but there is a simple way to press your keif into hash that I will cover next week.  Hash can be smoked by its self for extra relief or used for easy measuring to add in extra potency to other medicine you might be making.

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