Easiest Canna-Caps

So you want discreet way of taking your cannabis medication. There are a few ways of doing this but today I am going to share the easy est way of making cannabis capsules also called Canna-Caps.


What you are going to need to make three items to make Canna-Caps.

1. Cannabis Infused Coconut oil

2. Eye Dropper

3. Gelatin Capsules

First melt your cannabis infused coconut oil. Used the eye dropper to fill the larger side of the gelatin capsules and cap it with the smaller side. Shortly after you fill up your Canna-Caps the infused coconut oil with start to solidify inside the gelatin capsules as long as the ambient temperature is below 75 degrees Fahrenheit . If the ambient temperature is above 75 degrees then the cannabis infused coconut oil with stay in liquid form inside the capsule.

There are a few advantages to taking your cannabis using Canna-Caps. If you have your infused coconut oil tested you can pin point an exact dose. The smell of cannabis won’t be on your clothes or breath.

IMG_20150515_103837852_HDRNow that you have made some Canna-Caps, what dose should you take? Unfortunately this is going to be different for every person and can vary from batch to batch. However I figured out that if I wanted a dose similar to one of my Cannabis Infused Chocolates I needed to know about how much infused coconut oil was in each one of my infused chocolates.

I usually make about 100 chocolates per batch. I also use 2.5 oz of infused coconut oil in each batch. Doing some quick conversions 28.35 grams per oz times 2.5 oz is about 70.88 grams of oil in 100 chocolates. So each chocolate is about 0.7 grams of infused coconut oil in it.

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