Cannabis Makes You Cooler (Temperature)

snowman-sunglasses-sunSo I was thinking the past few months that I have read a few times in different places about how cannabis can lower the body temperature of some people usually some joke about how cannabis makes you cool is attached. However All joking aside it seems that cannabis does indeed lower the body temperature of some cannabis users, myself included in that group. I used to have an average temperature that ran just over normal–somewhere around 98.8. I have been smoking cannabis on a regular basis for a couple of years now and my body’s average temperature is usually around 97.6 this is over a whole degree lower than what my normal used to be?

What does this mean? This has been nagging on me for some time. The research on this particular aspect of the effect of cannabis on the body temperature has not been covered in great detail and is usually just a random footnote on the possible side effects of cannabis use.

Although I found one article from 2006  on that stated that, “The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission observed that one of the reputed benefits was to help laborers tolerate the heat. Cannabis was described as used to cool the passions -in contrast with alcohol, which heated them.”  In the same counterpunch post Tod Mikuriya, MD seemed interested in doing more research on this very aspect I am wanting to know more about. Tod Mikuriya, MD said, ” If there turns out to be a significantly lower temperature in the cannabis-using population, one might posit a slower metabolic rate which, over time, might have implications for longevity. Temperature has a significant effect on metabolic rate.” This is definitively a study that need to be done and made available to everyone.

So why should I be interested so much in what this doctor has to say? Doing a little extra research I found his website and it turns out that his practice is oldest cannabis focused medical practice in California. What that also means is it is the oldest in the United States as well as California was the first state to re-recognize the medical benefits of cannabis in America.

So not only does cannabis seem to have an effect on your body temperature making you cooler but it sounds like using cannabis could have an effect on longevity. This sounds even more interesting than why cannabis effects your body temperature; although they seem to be related but the implications of cannabis being able to increase ones longevity are extremely interesting. Who would not want to live longer and be healthy.

So stay cool and remember to…

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”

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