Cannabis Soup for the Soul

cannabis soupI have started a new project. I am making an inspirational book similar to the Chicken Soup of the Soul series. What I am looking for is positive stories about how cannabis has made your life better. I am looking for a wide verity of positive stories about people with all different kinds of aliments that cannabis has helped with. This is going to start out as an e-book once I have collected enough stories to make this idea work. Each and every story that I receive will bring me closer to getting this book finished. I will not publish any names of people who do not wish their name to be used. If you do not want you name used give me a name like mine: FibroMan and after the name I want to put the state or country you live in afterwards. To give the readers an idea of where the stories are coming from. Thank you for all your support in my efforts to bring the knowledge of how cannabis is a truly wonderful medication for many different people.

Please send your stories to with the subject line Cannabis Soup for the Soul

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”



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