First Medical Use of Cannabis

medical cannabisMy people know that cannabis is an effective medication for many different kinds of medical conditions. It is truly a miracle plant, but at what point did people figure out that this fragrant plant could be used to help people.  As a student of History this was something I had to find out.  I can remember when I first hear about marijuana being used for medical use was in 1996 when California the first US State to recognize cannabis could be used for medical use. For me at the time I figured this was a new discovery. However it was also presented to me at the time that it was only for people who had AID, Cancer or other serious illness and it was still a very dangerous drug (as if). I know better now.

Although, 1996 was America’s reintroduction to cannabis as medicine it is not a new idea.  Prior to 1937 when Henry Anslinger pushed to have the plant made illegal and started the US and the world into a dark age or understanding cannabis; it was America’s top three most prescribed medications; it was also listed in the US pharmacopeia to treat many medical issues.

I know I have not covered what you all anticipating and that is when did humans first start using the cannabis plant as a medication.  In the writings of Emperor Shen Neng of China in 2737 BCE  he documented that cannabis was a powerful medication. That was 4751 years ago; it is obvious that cannabis is not a new medication but one of the oldest. It is also apparent that prior to 2737 BCE that cannabis was being used to treat medical conditions but had yet to be written down yet. Not to mention there is evidence that humans were using cannabis for industrial and as a food staple for at least 10,000 years.

“Spread Cannabis Knowledge!”

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